Fantasy Football 2015: Best Players To Draft In First Five Rounds

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A look at who you should target in the first five rounds of your 2015 fantasy football draft.

My favorite season is here! Not the actual NFL season, as even if our favorite team wins the Super Bowl, what does that really mean for us as fans? High five your buddies after watching the game, buy a shirt/hat/DVD to commemorate how “we” did it?

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No, my favorite sports season of the calendar is actually fantasy football season, which is where we as fans can have a true vested interest in the results on the field. When our teams win which ever league we happened to be in, we get bragging rights, or (as a former ESPN-now-HBO media mogul would always say) “if gambling were legal”, some financial gain may be in store.

One of my favorite parts of the fantasy season is the draft preparation, as if you get the right research down combined with your knowledge of how the other owners in the league like to draft, you can get a real edge on picking the best players with the greatest value.

One of the many things I do is look at the Average Draft Position that has happened so far, as I can get an idea of general value of each player. Then I like to pick my top targets in each round based on this list. That way when it comes around to my turn to pick, I have a framework of a plan already in place where I’m usually never caught without an idea of who I will be drafting next.

Yes, sometimes all my guys in each round are gone by the time I’m on the clock. In that case, I can either choose from other players valued in that round that I may not be excited about, or I can go to my next round’s rankings and pick one of them, having a good shot of getting two players off that list that I like

Hopefully no one from any of my leagues will be reading this (*cough* Aaron Huizenga *cough*), but using the ESPN ADP list and the standard scoring rules for a 10 team league, here are my lists of top players in each of the first five rounds.

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