Fantasy Football 2015: Week 1 Tips


Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The moment when Tom Brady walks on to the field of redemption… wait sorry.  None of us care about that. What we are truly excited about is the official start of Fantasy Football 2015!

That’s right, all our hard work put into personal rankings, research, and figuring out what the best team names are can start showing results as the NFL kicks off tonight. Of course, all that work may be for nothing as you find your team getting destroyed by your buddy’s sister-in-law, who was a last-minute fill in that picked her team based on how cute the players were.

Don’t let that get you down, because this is a long season and your work is just getting started. You will have many chances to adjust your team and improve your situation.  Here are some things along those lines to help with your team during Week 1:

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Start Your Top Players

You’d be amazed at how many people are already stressing about matchups, as they’re even considering sitting a player they picked in the early rounds because they don’t have a favorable matchup. The problem with that line of thinking is that the information is based on last year’s results. So we truly won’t know who the top run defenses will be yet, etc. Yes we have an idea, but for now just roll with your top dogs this week.

Don’t Overreact 

As much as I hate giving a divisional rival credit, Aaron Rodgers had the right mentality when he told his fans to R-E-L-A-X.  This is only Week 1. You may win big, lose big, have sleeper players with monster games, or top players with garbage ones. Just take a moment to analyze what happened and make mental notes of which players you may need to move on. Just don’t do it quite yet. However…

Buy Low/Sell High Season Starts Now

That doesn’t mean other owners in your league won’t overreact! Hey, you can even fan the flames of paranoia if you want, wondering out loud if a player who under performs really has started to lose a step. Every week, there are always guys who just have an off game. Later in the season, those games don’t make people panic as much because the player’s overall points total is still high enough to comfort jumpy owners.

But people do panic when they see that one of their guys that they were counting on post single digit points early on, so now is the time to take advantage of their fragile state of mind. Hopefully one of your own sleepers or bench players blew up, as you can package him with a solid but unspectacular starter to give them incentive to make the leap too soon. (just try to refrain from maniacal laughter once the deal is pending)

Have Fun

Don’t forget this is just a game, one that has so many random things happen that can tank your season (*cough* Adrian Peterson *cough*) so don’t take any of the results personally.

May all of you have luck this week (except for the guys I play)!

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