Detroit Pistons’ Stan Van Gundy Looking Brilliant With Point Guard Moves


When Team President/Head Coach Stan Van Gundy acquired veteran guard Steve Blake in mid-July, Detroit Pistons fans everywhere were confused.

With the roster full of players along with multiple roster battles, it just seemed to be at an odd time. While the cost of Quincy Miller wasn’t much, it was still peculiar to the Pistons faithful.

After all, there were three point guards already projected to be on the 2015-2016 Pistons roster. Reggie Jackson was the obvious starter and Brandon Jennings was even expected to be a spark plug, 6th-man off the bench.

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Even sophomore Spencer Dinwiddie could get some playing time despite struggling in Summer League. If Jennings wasn’t ready to start the season healthy, Dinwiddie would be the primary backup.

Jennings even proclaimed some time ago that he would be ready for training camp. While that projection looked to be overly optimistic for such a severe injury, fans were holding out hope.

And there’s a reason the fans were so excited to have Jennings back. He was having a career season before tearing his achilles and was a major reason for the Pistons’ turnaround mid-season.

The seven game winning streak was magical and a necessary boost to the fans’ morale after long stretches of mediocrity. He was the heart of that team and his injury had a huge effect on the team going forward.

But with news that Jennings might not be back till December, the point guard situation is entirely different. Without Blake, Dinwiddie would have been the immediate backup to the starter Jackson.

While Dinwiddie has shown flashes of his potential, he shouldn’t be counted on yet for an extended period. He has struggled with his shot in the pro and just looks out of place at times.

Dinwiddie being the primary backup to Jackson this season might be best for his development, but if the Pistons are serious contenders, somebody needed to be brought in.

That’s why Van Gundy’s move to get Steve Blake now looks to be so important. While he might not have the potential of a guy like Dinwiddie, he’s the model of consistency Van Gundy is looking for.

He won’t be red-hot for one stretch and then struggle for a long period after that.

Another big part of Blake being picked up was his history as a solid 3-point shooter. He’s a career 38.5% 3-point shooter and that fits right into Van Gundy’s scheme.

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  • If the Pistons are going to contend and make it into the playoffs next year there has to be a solid foundation set. Van Gundy already has that covered.

    And with it being his second year at the helm next year, there should be a lot more continuity in that regard. Blake can be a guy that can come into the clubhouse and provide a veteran presence.

    Along with Andre Drummond and Jackson’s pick-and-roll chemistry looking good, this can be a huge break-out for the Pistons.

    But all in all it has to about Van Gundy once again looks masterful in shaping his own roster. There are only so many moves that he can make, but mostly all of them have some positive motives.

    The loss of Miller really isn’t much as he barely got playing time on a depleted Pistons squad last year. This move can be just like the Tony MitchellAnthony Tolliver that looks great on the Pistons side less than a year removed.

    For now, training camp looms closer and closer for the Pistons. This might be the first year that Pistons fans can be genuinely excited over this team again. But it’s been that same case for years now.

    Now, your thoughts. How do you feel about the PG situation for the Pistons now? Good? Bad? Or do you think the Pistons can do better? Whatever the case, the season starts soon and the Pistons better gear up in a weak Eastern Conference.

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