Detroit Tigers Position Grades: Catchers Were Average — No More, No Less

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Aug 16, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avila against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

C. Overall: .192/.341/.291 (85 wRC+ in 212 PA)<br /> vRHP: .203/.356/.315 (95 wRC+ in 177 PA)<br /> vLHP: .138/.265/.172 (29 wRC+ in 35 PA)<br /> <a href=. C. Detroit Tigers. ALEX AVILA

I’ve been a big Avila supporter over the years — and the first one to point to his on-base percentage whenever his low batting average or high strikeout rate was criticized — but it’s clear that he’s on the decline and that the years of catching and getting clobbered with foul balls are taking their toll.

There was a time — as late as April or May of this season — that I thought there would be a team who might take a deep dive through his statistical profile and make him a three year, $45 million offer in free agency, but I don’t see that happening anymore.

Still, he’s a catcher with a solid defensive reputation (receiving, throwing, and game calling) and he’s remained an average hitter for the position. No one is going to be fooled anymore by his All-Star 2011 season, but he still hits right handed pitching fairly well and could put up a solid average batting line for another season or two.

It’s fairly apparent that the Tigers are comfortable with using the cost controlled McCann as their starter going forward, so I’d be surprised if the Tigers have any significant discussions with Alex about a new contract.

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