NFL Power Rankings Week 6: Lions Fall to the Bottom

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Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: 6-10

2-3. Last Week: 8. Seattle Seahawks . 10. player. 36. The Seahawks are still good. I think. But maybe not as good as I thought.

New York Jets . 9. player. 30. The rested Jets look to stay on track with a week six home game against the Redskins.. 3-1. Last Week: 9

55. Mike Tomlin avoided criticism when <a href=. 3-2. Last Week: 10. Pittsburgh Steelers . 8. player

Now coming off their bye week, we’ll learn a lot more about the Panthers in the next four weeks (@Seahawks, Eagles, Colts, Packers) than we learned in the first four weeks (@Jaguars, Texans, Saints, @Buccaneers).. 4-0. Last Week: 6. Carolina Panthers . 7. player. 87

32. Now two games clear in the NFC West, the Cardinals have to be seen as legimitate contenders in the NFC.. 4-1. Last Week: 7. Arizona Cardinals . 6. player

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