Michigan vs. Michigan State: Long-Standing Feud Still Alive and Well

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Students from both Michigan and Michigan State have been pulling pranks on each other for decades.

Michigan fans routinely paint “Sparty Statue” maize and blue, while Spartan fans  deface Michigan’s Rock. The East Lansing “hooligans” might not realize it, but their efforts are appreciated in Ann Arbor, since painting the Rock indirectly helps the Michigan Blood Bank and the Red Cross.

Last year’s prank was somewhat different. Just before the UM-MSU game began, Michigan linebacker Joe Bolden slammed a stake into Spartan Stadium’s 35-yard line. Bolden claimed he did it to motivate the Wolverines, not to disrespect the Spartans.

“You might as well come out and say what your true feelings are,” Spartan coach Mark Dantonio said.

“You can only be diplomatic so long. That ‘little brother’ stuff, all the disrespect, didn’t have to go in that direction.”

“Throwing a stake in your backyard and coming out there like that”, Dantonio added.

“…That’s why we stuffed it (to Michigan).”

In the final moments, with MSU leading 28-11 Dantonio decided to “run up the score” by tacking on a final touchdown with 28 seconds left.

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