Michigan vs. Michigan State: Long-Standing Feud Still Alive and Well

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Arrogant Asses

Back in 1978, the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry was one-sided in Michigan’s favor. The Spartans had lost eight in a row to Michigan, and the Big Ten title was usually decided between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Wolverines.

In an effort to stir things up, Spartan head coach Darryl Rogers had two words for the Wolverines, and they weren’t Merry Christmas.

Speaking to a banquet just days before the Michigan game, Rogers promised his followers that the Spartans had a surprise for those “arrogant asses.”

And he was precisely correct. The Spartans won 24-15, ending that dreadful losing streak.

The comment, of course, created quite a stir. Other schools, especially Ohio State, added “arrogant” to their other childish descriptions of Michigan alumni and fans. The Michigan faithful could care less, as they simply reminded Spartans, or Buckeyes that arrogance is bliss.

A year later, Michigan radio icon Bob Ufer took it a step further. In one of his often repeated poems, he read the following:

"“Today, October 6, 1979 is the day that 22 Michigan arrogant asses put on the gloves of green, and as Richter played the Victors, they picked Darryl Rogers clean.”"

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