Dear Mike Babcock: Detroit Red Wings Fans Are Over You


Dear Mike,

Happy fall! How are you? I hope all is well for you in Toronto, and I hope you and Brendan and Lou are happy and getting along. I just wanted to reach out, and tell you some things that have been on my mind. Now that a bit of time has passed, I feel like I am in a different place in my life – a better, happier place. You should also know this letter is more for me, than it is for you. Still I appreciate you taking the time to listen.

You and I had many good times together, many great years. As you know, our ten years had plenty of ups and downs. But mostly they were good times (2008 was our best year), and I never had to worry about your commitment, when we were together. Though we didn’t always see eye to eye, you were always very present in our relationship.

When we agreed to see other people earlier this year, at first I was mad, then I was sad.  Then I was worried. I was concerned I was making a wrong decision.  Not that I had much choice. You made it clear, you wanted to pursue other options. But I was worried I would never find a guy as good as you. I was worried I would start doing poorly, doubt myself more, and want you back again.

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Well… you’ll be happy (I think) to know, our break-up was the best thing that has happened to me in a long, long time. I met a guy. His name is Jeff (You know him actually, and he says he’s learned a lot from you). Jeff is the best. He reminds me of you in some ways. But, in all honesty, he’s different too, and those differences make him a perfect match for me.

He has high standards, and he wants the best for me (like you did), but he is a bit more relaxed. He gets along great with my old friends who are so important to me (like Henrik, Pavel, and Niklas). He already knows, and believes in some of my newer, but equally important friends (like Tomas T, Tomas J, Gustav, Petr, and Teemu, to name a few).

Jeff also promotes me making new relationships in my life. Even my younger friends (like Dylan for instance), he doesn’t discount them because of their age, or lack of experience. If they make my life better, he wants them to be part of it.

At the same time, Jeff is no pushover. He values quality over quantity, and he tells me when certain friends (like Dan C) are just taking up space in my life, without contributing enough to it.

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  • I really feel invincible with Jeff. Sometimes I feel as if I almost can’t lose. I know there will be ups and downs for Jeff and I. But I am so happy to rediscover myself, and I’m confident I will soar to the greatest of heights, with Jeff at my side.

    It’s supposed to take a long time to fully recover from a break-up. And while you and I were together for a while,  I’m happy to say, I’m over you Mike. I’m finally over you.

    All the best to you, and your new life in Toronto.

    Sincerely, The Detroit Red Wings (or at least many of their fans).

    P.S. – If I’m not doing well in April, I might feel differently about things.

    *NOTE – This is article is satire, and does not reflect the opinions of the Detroit Red Wings organization.

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