Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears: DJC Staff Predictions


Another week, another opportunity for the Detroit Lions to pick up their first win. They’ve long since been the NFL’s only winless team but the Chicago Bears coming to town represents a good opportunity to put up the first W of the season. Will it happen?

Here is what the Detroit Jock City staff see for the Detroit Lions this week.

Braden Shackelford (0-5) – My prediction record matches the Lions, 0-5 (YUCK). I had supreme confidence in this team, but after last Sunday’s performance, it’s clear the Lions AREN’T who we thought they were. That said, I’m still predicting a win on Sunday against the Bears. If the Lions lose this one I doubt I pick them to win a game the rest of the season. Ball is in your court Lions.

Nate VanNorwick (4-1) – Well, it has to be this weekend, right? It is pretty hard to go winless in a season, but with the way the Lions have played so far every game looks challenging. So if they are going to win even 1 or 2 games this year, this weekend has to be it. For sure the odds are stacked against them – their quarterback got benched last week, their star linebacker is out again – but they are playing at home, and should be motivated to prove that last weekend’s debacle was a fluke. Detroit 23, Chicago 21.

Erik Schlitt (2-3) – Coming off last-minute wins in their last two games, the Chicago Bears have recently found a way to get it done. If the Detroit Lions have any hope of salvaging their season, they will have to flip the script on Chicago and find a way to win themselves. Golden Tate recently said the Lions need to “bring that fire”. If they start the game with that fire then expect the crowd to get behind them, which I think this team needs. I expect the Lions to score early, get the crowd on their side, and ride the momentum to their first victory. Lions 27, Bears 23.

Mike Rizzo (3-2) – Last Sunday’s game against the Cardinals was hopefully rock bottom for this team. The Lions are 0-5 and the Chicago Bears who many including me thought were going to finish last in the NFC North are 2-3. The Lions have given me no reason to pick them. I think Jay Cutler and the Bears win and the fans really start talking about the draft. Bears 31, Lions 13

Aaron Huizenga (4-1) – This Detroit Lions team is not an 0-16 team and is due to get things on track with a home matchup against a less than intimidating Chicago Bears team. Matthew Stafford has all the motivation that he needs to get things back on track facing a weak secondary that is nothing like the teams he saw the past three weeks. I think the Lions will come out with something to prove as the critics have had their way with them this season, for good reason. Jay Cutler and the Bears have been a little better than expected and should be able to move the ball. I don’t think it will be enough as I see the Lions putting one in the win column in a high scoring affair between two below-average teams. Detroit Lions 31, Chicago Bears 28

Zac Snyder (3-2) – I’ve been burned predicting a Lions win twice this season already but I’m going to try again this week. The Lions aren’t as bad as they’ve shown and Matthew Stafford and the Lions offense had one of their best performances of the season in last year’s home win over the Bears. If the Lions can’t make some things happen this week, they are in deep, deep trouble. Lions 20, Bears 16

Matt Snyder (4-1) – The Lions will win a football game this season — you can take that to the bank* — but it’s hard to predict exactly when. The Lions are favored this week by the odds makers but they (i.e. the Lions) have excelled at beating the odds (in a negative fashion) this season. If I set my expectations low I won’t be disappointed. Bears 30, Lions 17

*Prediction not FDIC insured. May lose value.

Those are our predictions, feel free to leave yours in the comments section down below or through twitter or facebook.

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