Do the Detroit Lions Owners Have What It Takes?


I had an amazing article written – trust me, it was great – and then the Detroit Lions go ahead and fire everyone and I have to start from scratch. Which is fine for me – this is a part time gig I do so that I can brag to my friends and meet babes in bar…I mean, talk to passionate Lions fans in bars…no wait, I mean, discuss sports with my wife. It is really no skin off of my teeth if I have to think of another 500 words to write.

But the Lions are also starting from scratch, which is a much bigger deal. They are so starting from scratch that I had to Google the names of the people they put in charge just to see who they were (who knew you could use Google to search for things other than cat pics!)

Unfortunately, I am guessing the same people now in charge are also currently Googling things such as “best NFL GM’s available for hire” and such, because they don’t have a lot of experience with professional football teams.  They only real experience they have with the NFL is watching William Clay Ford drive the franchise into the ground, which means that I, along with about another 100,000 people in Detroit, have  the same qualifications to be GM that they have.

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Heck, some of us might be more qualified because we actually do silly things like read Lions blogs and study up on draft prospects and play fantasy football and actually enjoy football, while I am guessing the Fords just sit at the fireplace or coffee table or in the hot tub (now that is a visual) smoking 100 dollar cigars and laughing as they count the money from ticket sales while the Golden Girls is playing on the big screen.

I hope the new Ford management team understands that they don’t know anything. They don’t know drafting, or scouting, or salary cap ramifications or coaching and play calling. And I hope they are smart enough to realize this.

There is a very old funny movie where two guys are listening to a philosopher say “the only true wisdom consists in knowing that you know nothing” and then one of them says “dude, that’s us.” If Bill and Ted can realize it, here’s hoping the Fords can too.  Which might mean calling the league and asking for help.

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It might mean hiring a high-priced search firm, and then listening to their recommendations.

And then, when someone is hired, it means giving that person clear targets regarding winning, holding that person accountable to those targets, but letting that person do their job.

So please ask for help. The city is competitive in so many ways, and the fans have been through so much. It deserves to have a well-run, competitive football team as well.