Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers: DJC Staff Predictions


There hasn’t been much for Detroit Lions fans to cheer about this season and with the team coming out of their bye week with a road game against the Green Bay Packers, this doesn’t figure to be the week that changes.

But maybe, just maybe, the Lions can get their first win in the state of Wisonsin since 1991, right? Well, the NFL has decided to play the game as scheduled instead of just calling it off and giving the Packers the win. Lloyd Christmas is loving the odds.

Here is what the Detroit Jock City staff sees for the game ahead.

Nate VanNorwick (6-2) – The Lions come into Lambeau Field with a lot of history on their side. Unfortunately, none of it is good, since they haven’t won in Wisconsin since grunge was the music of choice (that would be the early 90’s for all you young’uns out there). And that won’t change this weekend, with the Packers coming home after two straight losses. Teams have been beating the Packers by going one-on-one with the depleted receivers of the Packers and containing Aaron Rogers in the pocket, but the Lions don’t possess the kind of personnel to do that. I think the Lions put up a fight after the bye week, but fight is a relative term for this out-classed Lions team. Packers 34, Detroit 13.

Aaron Huizenga (6-2) – The 1-7 Detroit Lions will travel to Lambeau Field, a place that they have had very little success over the past few seasons. Aaron Rodgers continues to be the catalyst for the Packers and the Lions will have a hard time slowing him down. James Starks has also given them a boost on the ground and will give the Lions fits as well. Changes continue to happen in Detroit and the rebuilding effort seems to be in full effect. If Calvin ends up sitting it could be worse. Packers 31, Lions 14.

Zac Snyder (6-2) – There is an entire generation of Lions fans who have no memory of the Liosn winning a road game against the Packers. That’s unfathomable to think about considering the Lions have an opportunity every year, but that’s where they are and in the midst of a 1-7 season, this isn’t the year the streak ends. The Packers are just too good and the Lions are just too bad. It’s really just as simple as that. Now on a two-game losing streak, the Packers won’t be caught in letdown mode against the Lions, particularly considering they are now being challenged by the Vikings in the NFC North standings. Packers 27, Lions 16.

Matt Snyder (4-4) – The Lions ending their Lambeau Field losing streak would almost make this awful season worth it, but unfortunately a victory on Sunday is almost impossible to see. I don’t think this one ends well for Detroit. Packers 34, Lions 10

Mike Rizzo (4-4) – The Detroit Lions head to Green Bay having not won their since 1991 which by the way I was four years old when they last won in GB. The Packers have lost two straight but those were on the road. I dont see the Lions winning this one against a ticked off Packers team. This one gets ugly and the streak goes to 25. Packers 42, Lions 20

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Erik Schlitt (3-5) – On Sunday we will find out how motivated the Detroit Lions are. Martha Ford has said she expects this team to find a way to win. That will be a daunting task in Green Bay. The Packers will have plenty of their own motivation in trying to get back to their winning ways. Coming off 2 straight road losses, Aaron Rodgers returns home and will be focused on exploiting the struggling Lions. From coaching to the players on the field, the Packers hold and advantage in all aspects of this game. Everything points to the Lions streak of losses in Green Bay continuing. Unfortunately this one won’t be close. Green Bay 35, Detroit 17.

Braden Shackelford (2-6) – Is there really much to say about this game? The Lions haven’t won in Green Bay in my lifetime, and this is their worst chance of finally breaking the streak.I suppose it’s possible that the massive changes up top and bye week were enough to get the Lions motivated and turned around, but it isn’t likely. Lions lose 45-17

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Those are our predictions, feel free to leave yours in the comments section down below or through twitter or facebook.