Fantasy Football: NFL Daily Fantasy Picks Week 15

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Playing daily fantasy football in week 15 of the 2015 NFL Season? Read these DFS suggestions before you set your FanDuel or Draft Kings lineup.

Dec 13, 2015; Baltimore, MD, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback

Russell Wilson

(3) runs off the field after he and his teammates defeated Baltimore Ravens 35-6 at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

If you are playing season long fantasy football and you are still in the race this week, congratulations go out to you! This means that you have survived 14 weeks of injuries, poor performances, wide receivers catching passes from back-up quarterbacks, and so many other situations that can derail your season. Its not inconceivable that you could have drafted a roster of LeVeon Bell, Jamaal Charles, Tony Romo and Keenan Allen and felt really good about your season. Well, that isn’t looking really good now in week 15 is it? All 4 of those guys are finished for this season and have been for some time now.

Injuries are one thing but how about drafting someone like Dez Bryant very early in the draft?  He hasn’t had the season that anyone expected and some of that has been due to injury. It certainly doesn’t help that Matt Cassel is the one throwing him the ball nowadays. I have mentioned it before but these are the type of situations where the daily game has an advantage over season long. Getting this far along in a full season league is more about survival and less about skill in my opinion.

The yearly draft for season long leagues is typically one of the more fun events of the year. League members will take their yearly draft guide and feel like they have an advantage over the rest of us “less informed” owners. I can guarantee that those draft guides didn’t list Denard Robinson and David Johnson as running back options yet some of you might be starting both of them in your semi-final match up. You can’t win your league on draft day but you can certainly lose it. Drafting and season long leagues are still fun but the way to get to the championship game can happen by a variety of different methods.

The beauty of the daily game is that its week 1 all over again every single week of the season. Column’s like mine are now taking over as your unofficial “draft guide” that is used every single Sunday. You won’t find this printed and able to buy in the store, but I hope its a reliable source.

Viewership of this column continues to grow week in and week out and I have been encouraged by that. I would love to hear from some of you “followers” that are still with me this far into the season. If you have benefited from this article, read it every single week, or just read it once, give me a shout out on Facebook or Twitter. Social media is the main way to spread this out and grow a consistent reader base. Help me out and help spread the word so we can continue to run this next football season.

With all of that being said, on to the picks!

DISCLAIMER – Salary cap numbers are based on FanDuel’s pricing for this week.

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