Detroit Lions: 30 Best Draft Picks in Team History

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Photograph: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

2. Calvin Johnson (wide receiver) – ”Megatron is a character from the Transformers franchise, created by Hasbro…  He is a sentient robotic lifeform from the planet Cybertron…  Megatron is usually depicted as having risen up from the lowly worker to become a champion in gladiatorial combat”.

The above passages, are just a small part of the Wikipedia page about Megatron.  But they should give you plenty of insight into how well respected Calvin Johnson is, in Detroit Lions and NFL circles alike.

Who else do you know who can say their popular nickname (not self-anointed) depicts them as a champion of gladiatorial combat?  I’m a pretty decent writer, but no one ever says that about me.

When the Lions selected Johnson with the 2nd overall pick in the 2007 draft, they must’ve known they were getting a special talent, but did they know he was this special?

Johnson is a five-time Pro Bowl selection, the fastest receiver to reach 10,000 career receiving yards, and the only player in NFL history with 5,000 plus yards receiving a three year period.

His list of accomplishments and records, both Lions and NFL records, are already lengthy and impressive.  And while some skeptics think Megatron is slowing down, he’s still only 30 years old.  He should have terrific seasons ahead, assuming the Lions can block long enough for their quarterback to throw the ball.

And just because Megatron never complains, doesn’t mean you should take his talents for granted.

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