Detroit Lions: 30 Best Draft Picks in Team History

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25.  Kevin Glover (center) – Yet another successful interior lineman, this time on the offensive side of the ball, center Kevin Glover helped pave rushing lanes and protect quarterbacks for 13 seasons with the Detroit Lions.

If not spectacular, Glover’s play was most definitely steady.  Barry Sanders never had dominant offensive lines on par with those that Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith ran behind.  But Sanders could (and did) rely on Glover to be instrumental in a potent Detroit rushing attack.

The Lions drafted Glover in the 2nd round of the 1985 draft, with the 34th overall pick.  Though much of Glover’s career was tied to the success of others, he earned individual accolades as well.  He was a three-time Pro Bowl selection from 1995 – 1997, and he was also a four-time All-Pro.

Glover’s steadiness could also be measured by the fact that he could (just about) always be counted on to take the field.  From 1988-1997, Glover started all but 9 games.

One of the lasting memories of Glover’s career occurred in 1997, when he (and the rest of the Lions offensive line) was instrumental in Barry Sanders’ 2053 yards rushing, all while making a successful push to get into the playoffs.

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