Detroit Lions: GM Timeline Won’t Save Jim Caldwell’s Job

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Indianapolis Colts hire Ryan Grigson

January 11, 2012

Less than ten days after announcing a change in the front office and starting a general manager search from scratch, the Colts introduced Ryan Grigson as their new general manager.

An Indiana native, Grigson had cut his teeth as a scout with St. Louis and Philadelphia, eventually working his way up to director of player personnel with the Eagles, and had the opportunity to rebuild his home team.

There were a number of big issues to deal with – namely what to do with Peyton Manning who was due a big roster bonus after missing the season and still dealing with an uncertain future. The Colts were heavy on aging veterans who were the core of their dominant years but light on young talent to keep the team rolling.

There was also the matter of the head coach.

With Grigson in place, Irsay left Caldwell’s fate in the hands of his new general manager.

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