Detroit Lions: GM Timeline Won’t Save Jim Caldwell’s Job

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Indianapolis Colts fire Jim Caldwell

January 17, 2012

It is rare for a new general manager to not have the opportunity to hire his own head coach so it was no surprise when Ryan Grigson was granted that opportunity.


"“We just came to the conclusion that this is best moving forward for the franchise,” Grigson said, referring to his first major decision in charge of an NFL team. “Mr. Irsay is the steward of this franchise and I’m here to help him wrap his head around these types of decisions. We’ve been in football our whole lives and a lot of it is about instincts.”"

The quote contains a lot of collaborative language, but from following the timeline it is obvious that Grigson would be the one pushing for the change and needed to receive Irsay’s blessing before it happened.

Don’t be surprised if something similar happens in Detroit. The Fords may love Caldwell, but that can’t be a stumbling block to letting the new general manager accomplish what they bring him in to do.

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