Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford’s agent discusses the mega-deal

The Detroit Lions gave Matthew Stafford the richest deal in NFL history. Now hear from the agent who was behind the deal from the player’s side.

Tom Condon is no stranger to negotiating huge contracts for NFL quarterbacks. His latest was with the Detroit Lions representing Matthew Stafford, setting new records in the process.

Condon was a guest on The Business of Sports podcast with Andrew Brandt in which he discussed some of the details of Stafford’s deal and how it came together. Here are some highlights, though I recommend any Lions fans interested in hearing some info from behind the process listen to the full episode:

  • The recent deals of Andrew Luck and Derek Carr helped set the benchmark for Stafford’s new deal but also looking forward to the expectation for new contracts for other elite quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers. Trends go back to 1993 when the salary cap was first put into place.
  • Condon believes the deal is fair for both sides.
  • Contract was negotiated with ownership, management and team’s designated negotiator. Condon noted he had worked with Lions cap manager Matt Harriss before and called Bob Quinn a rising star.
  • Brandt and Condon agreed that it is a myth that spending so much on a quarterback leaves a team hamstrung to build out the rest of the roster. Condon cited the example of the Peyton Manning-era Colts who featured players like Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Edgerrin James even with Manning being the highest-paid player at that time.
  • It was noted that the timing of Stafford’s career is fortuitous as he is one of the last number one overall drafted quarterbacks to get a huge rookie deal. Condon called it “terrific” if Stafford becomes the highest-earning quarterback in the history of the NFL.
  • A full guarantee was not discussed but Condon noted the strong guarantees the contract has through three years and roster bonuses in later years that trigger payments early in the league year.
  • Condon has not been engaged in any contract talks aside from Stafford despite clients Sam Bradford and Drew Brees coming up for deals and Matt Ryan signed through 2018.

The full episode is about 30 minutes long and can be listed to on