Detroit Lions predictions 2017: Week 3 vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons will meet for the first time since October 26, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images)
The Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons will meet for the first time since October 26, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Jock City writers make their predictions for the Detroit Lions’ week three game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Each week, the Detroit Jock City staff will make their picks for that week’s Detroit Lions game with a quick take on the matchup and a final score. The Atlanta Falcons coming to Ford Field provides a measuring stick game for the Lions and a chance for some separation in the DJC prediction standings.

Here is what the Detroit Jock City writers see for the game ahead.

Bruce Walker (2-0) – The hardest thing to do is see the team for what it is now without encumbering that vision with non-relevant history. Last year, the Atlanta Falcons lead the entire NFL in scoring 33.8 points per game. This year they are seventh, behind none other than your sixth place Detroit Lions. This year, the Falcons currently rank 13th in scoring defense, just above where they placed at the end of last season. The Lions currently are seventh.

Last year’s Falcons team no longer exists. Nor does the 2016 Detroit Lions. This year’s Lions team is balanced and gritty. They are playing good, smart football in all three phases of the game, offense, defense and special teams. They make mistakes but quickly correct them. They are running the ball better than most teams, including the Falcons. And they are at home. And they are underdogs yet again. And sometime very soon, people are going to realize that the 2017 Lions are for real. They are a dangerous team that nobody wants to play. Lions 31, Falcons 24

Zack Caldwell (1-1) – The Detroit Lions have a chance to make a national statement with a victory against the Falcons. They will have the home field advantage and Ford Field will be an absolute zoo. I do believe the Lions have the offense to match the Atlanta Falcons. I still do not believe the defense can match Atlanta.

With Jarrad Davis out, I believe Atlanta is going to try and run the ball with Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. They should have some success doing that. The key will be if the Lions can force turnovers. Atlanta protects the ball very well and Detroit needs two turnovers in this game and get this to the fourth quarter. However, I think the Falcons are too talented and too fast on offense to stop without a healthy Jarrad Davis. This game will be a shootout and a fun, but sadly with a Falcons victory. Falcons 31, Lions 24

Matt Bosko (1-1) – This is the week where we learn about the depth of the Lions defense, especially at the linebacker and safety position. I believe that the absence of rookie LB Jarrad Davis is going to play against the Lions in a big way. His attitude, his confidence, and his talent have elevated the Lions’ linebacking corps dramatically. Without their standout defensive signal caller, the Lions will be overmatched by a Falcons offense that has stellar talent at every position. Falcons 27, Lions 23

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Jack Ozark (2-0) – The Lions have already wowed me two weeks in a row, and thus I fully expect them to continue this trend. Not having Jarrad Davis is going to make things harder for the Lions defense, but I think the rest of the team will step it up, especially in such an important game. I think Miles Killebrew is going to have a huge game, as his snap count should skyrocket due to injuries across the defense.

Offensively, the Lions just need Matthew Stafford to keep doing his thing. He’s been outstanding this season and his confidence is at an all time high. Nothing would be better than seeing him beat one of the best teams in the league, and one of his best friends in Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. This Lions team might actually be the real deal, and a win at home this Sunday is going to prove to the world that they are. Lions 28, Falcons 24

Matt Snyder (0-2) – I did not set out to become a Detroit Lions pessimist, nor am I really one at all. I have plenty of optimism, or, at least rather, a hope for a brighter future. But, while I hope that the Lions can make the playoffs this year, I always find it rather difficult to insist that the Lions will win this particular game. It’s a defense mechanism really. If they do happen to win then what a pleasure it is! If they lose, well, that’s what I expected, wasn’t it? Falcons 30, Lions 13

Zac Snyder (1-1) – Through two preseason games, there was plenty of reason to be optimistic about the Lions. They were obviously deeper and superior to their first two opponents,
then game the New England Patriots in game three. Similarly, the Lions have shown themselves to be the better team in wins over the Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants through two weeks of the regular season. Now come the defending NFC champion Atlanta Falcons. Will it be another dose of reality or a sign the Lions are for real? I see something in the middle as the Lions lose a close game. Falcons 28, Lions 24

Ash Thompson (0-2) – I think the Lions receiver depth is going to be a problem for the Falcons. Even if they are able to contain the Lions top three receivers, they have had problems dealing with players like Thor Riddick and Eric Ebron in the past. The Lions offense will put up points. The Lions defense will be without Tavon Wilson and Jarrad Davis. While Miles Killebrew has looked ready for a bigger role in the secondary, the loss of Davis is huge. The Lions will have to scheme around poor linebacker coverage, and likely have difficulty against the Falcons talented running backs. Falcons 32, Lions 28

Mike Rizzo (2-0) – The Lions are coming off a convincing win over the Giants on MNF but now face the defending NFC champs. The Falcons come into Ford Field and not many people are giving the Lions a chance. I think the game will be a shootout but unfortunately I think the Falcons are on another level. Falcons 34, Lions 30

Colton Wesley (1-1) – The Lions have the weapons to move the ball against a talented Atlanta Falcons defense, but can they go score for score with one of the best offenses in the league? The Lions’ secondary has played well, but they haven’t faced a team like the Falcons yet. The Lions won’t be able to keep pace and the secondary regresses to the mean. Falcons 31, Lions 24

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