Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers: What to watch for in week 17

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In the final game of the Detroit Lions season, they take on their division rivals in the Green Bay Packers. Let’s look at what to watch for this week.

The Detroit Lions season ends on Sunday as the Green Bay Packers come to town. This matchup may not mean anything for this season, but it could easily be a game that closes the chapter on this era of the Detroit Lions. So let’s look into what to watch for in this final game of the season.

1. Coach Caldwell

Lions coach Jim Caldwell might not be on the hot seat because the higher-ups may have already made their decision. After losing to a horrendous Cincinnati Bengals team last week, it seems like Caldwell sealed his fate.

Since coming to the Motor City he has definitely changed the culture of the team. He helped push Matthew Stafford into an elite level, and maybe, more importantly, he made fans believe that the Lions would actually be in the playoffs every season. Just think back to when Jim Schwartz was fired. If you told me that after Caldwell the Lions would be a playoff regular I would have laughed in your face.

You did the Lions well coach Caldwell. Now they need to move on.

2. Own the NFC North

Yes, the Minnesota Vikings are going to the playoffs and are on fire. But, the Lions did what they had to do against their NFC North rivals this season. A win on Sunday would mean they went 5-1 against the division, which any other year would probably mean they made the playoffs.

But alas, there are a lot of good teams in the NFL. Sadly, the Lions are just an average one. But continuing to have strong play against the division is only going to help this team’s confidence. This mindset is exactly what Aaron Rodgers is in against the Lions. They have never scared him, but he definitely scares anybody that back the boys in Honolulu Blue.

3. Be Grateful

Some Lions have actually had some great seasons. Offensively, Matthew Stafford, Marvin Jones Jr, Golden Tate, Kenny Golladay and Eric Ebron have all been fantastic. Ebron specifically. He’s gone from one of the most hated Lions to one of the most trusted. There’s a chance Sunday is his last game here (I pray it isn’t) so be sure to cheer him on and Tweet some love at him.

Defensively, Glover Quin, A’Shawn Robinson, and Darius Slay have all been great. The prayer here would be that they play their hearts out and come back next season even better. This defense is good and with the right coordinator could be great.

Also, give love to Matt Prater who is just amazing. He missed one last week and I don’t care because I trust that man’s leg more than I trust any leg. The other special teamer that deserves love is Jamal Agnew, who made the return game fun again.

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Be ready to come back next season in love with this team and let’s all back them as they have an even better 2018 season.