Detroit Pistons: Will Stan Van Gundy finish the season?

DETROIT, MI - FEBRUARY 1: Detroit Pistons head basketball coach Stan Van Gundy talks with new player Blake Griffin
DETROIT, MI - FEBRUARY 1: Detroit Pistons head basketball coach Stan Van Gundy talks with new player Blake Griffin /

After another abysmal loss, the Detroit Pistons are plummeting, and Stan Van Gundy’s time as the coach may be coming to an end.

The Detroit Pistons are not a good basketball team. I didn’t want to say that. I didn’t want to believe it. But it’s true.

They are slumping hard right now. They went from a potential playoff team when they made the trade for Blake Griffin, into a team that will most likely miss the playoffs. What makes that trade even tougher, is they had to give up a draft pick which of course today would be amazing to have.

Normally, I wouldn’t be too worried about a little slump at this point of the season. I would think that the Pistons could get out of it, and still make that final push into the playoffs. But I don’t even know if I want that to happen. I think the Pistons MUST miss the playoffs now because that’s the only way to move on from the Stan Van Gundy era.

Van Gundy is a great guy for the NBA, but I don’t think he’s great to coach in today’s NBA. In the 2000s, SVG was stellar. But even in the last five or six years, the league has changed immensely. You could argue that SVG was ahead of the curve back then, he’s behind it today.

Other than helping the development of Andre Drummond, SVG really hasn’t made the right move anywhere. He signs role players to massive deals and then doesn’t even play them. He also has weird rotational patterns, that leave some of the hotter players on the bench. And the trades always look nice, until you take a closer look at them. Sure not everything he does is wrong, but the wrong definitely stands out.

If this downward spiral continues, I don’t think that Van Gundy lasts longer than this year. Heck if it gets really bad, and the Pistons fall out of the playoff race completely, I don’t think he finishes the season with the team.

As for what could be next, that I don’t have a clue. My wish would be a Chauncey Billups GM, David Fizdale head coach situation, but that’s a pipe dream. All I do know about the next duo is that’s exactly what they need to be: A duo. The general manager/head coach being the same person doesn’t work well unless you’re the San Antonio Spurs. Sure, the positions should have a similar vision, but they shouldn’t have the exact same mind.

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So what do you think? Should Stan Van Gundy remain? Should he be fired today? And who’s your dream coach?