Detroit Lions practice soundtrack making waves


The Detroit Lions played some interesting music for their final practice of OTAs on Thursday.

The Last time I remember hearing much about the Detroit Lions practice soundtrack was 2011. Oddly enough it centered around the same band. I’ve been a Pantera fan since 1990. This was my workout and pregame music back in the day. Yes, I am old enough that they were current. They haven’t put out an album in 18 years. I was a little surprised to read that the Lions had them in the music rotation again.

The first time I recall this happening was 2009 under head coach Jim Schwartz. It was a little less surprising at the time. Schwartz was a relatively young head coach with an affinity for guitar-based rock music. He was looking for a culture change. Some up-tempo metal made sense. History repeating itself nine years later was a bit less expected.

At least one player enthusiastically embraced the soundtrack choice. As fans were speculating that the offensive linemen were likely the ones responsible for the choice, Taylor Decker joined the twitter conversation. Guitar based rock music is no longer the stereotype associated with the NFL. It is difficult to imagine Decker’s feeling to be universal. We have come a long way from the days of “NFL Rocks!” The NFL should probably just show that video when teams ask what is illegal under the new rules.

Other acts getting some play were Metallica and Bush. They’re a little less surprising given the relative level of popularity that those bands achieved. Teams come to reflect their leadership groups. It is not hard to look at Matt Patricia and imagine his drive time commute playlist would lean toward distorted guitars and growling. He is an engineer and there is a genre known as “Math Metal” after all.

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Whatever the impetus for the musical choice, I applaud it. I’ve been listening to an unending loop of mid to late nineties metal and staring at the guitars (and banjo) I never play anymore all day.