Which Detroit team will be next to win a championship?

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Detroit Pistons

Case for: The Pistons are a little bit like a poor-man’s Lions in that they have some legitimate established talent as well as some young players that fans hope could form a championship core. Stan Van Gundy wasn’t able to mix in his draft picks as an effective way to build the roster but he doesn’t leave the team without talent.

If the next regime can create a better track record through the draft, the Pistons should be able to get back to at least being a perennial playoff team. The first step to winning a championship is as simple as qualifying for the tournament. There is enough talent already in place that that should be a minimum expectation, then it’s just a matter of building the roster from there.

The Pistons may not have the clearest path forward of the Detroit four but they also don’t face the worst starting point.

Case against: The case against the Pistons is very clear: the case for is simply built on too many ifs. If Reggie Jackson can stay healthy, if Andre Drummond can keep developing an offensive game, if Drummond and Blake Griffin can be effective together, if the front office situation gets successfully straightened out, if the Pistons can overcome the lack of roster and financial flexibility. The ifs go on and on.

In a league that is becoming more and more about super teams and stars teaming up in desirable locations, the Pistons face the possibility of being left on the cold for a long time. The 2004 Pistons came together as an exception to the rule and it will likely take hitting on that formula again before the Pistons can think about their next Larry O’Brien Trophy. Hoping to hit on being the exception is never good for one’s chances.

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The year is 20XX and there is finally another championship parade in downtown Detroit. Which team is the city celebrating next? Leave a comment below with which Detroit team you think is the next to win a title, or connect with us on Twitter.