Four moves the Detroit Lions could make to improve but will not.

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Rush the damn passer

Raiders have said a hard no to the teams inquiring, but there is always a yes to be found. We first posted the question on Twitter in July: what would it take to get a yes from the Raiders on a Khalil Mack deal. At the time the general consensus was that two first-round picks would likely be the cost. I do not think that I agree with some time to reflect.

Jon Gruden likely doesn’t want to replace one of the NFL’s best pass rushers with hopes and dreams. First round picks are great in theory, but they do not guarantee anything. A first-round pick has a 50/50 shot at being a long-term NFL starter. Even a first-round pick generally takes a year or two to develop into a great player, if they ever do.

The value here has been set at having a potential NFL starter in 2020 or 2021. I think that is entirely incorrect. I think that to get a yes, the Raiders would need to be getting help right now, and also in the future. The Lions would have to give them something tangible back.

I think a replacement for Mack is the best starting point for any trade that might occur. Ziggy Ansah would need to be the beginning of any package put together for Mack. He offers the Raiders the possibility of immediate production to replace what they are losing.

The second part of the package is a first round pick next year, and likely a conditional 2020 pick if the Lions can get Mack signed to a long-term deal. That pick would likely have to be in the third or fourth round that voids if the Raiders can get Ziggy Ansah signed to a long-term deal.

The Raiders get a player they can sell as a replacement and an additional first-round pick in the next draft. The Lions get one of the best players in the NFL just as he is about to hit his prime. This sounds like a win-win trade to me. The Lions would also save around $4 million dollars in salary cap space with this trade.