Detroit Tigers: 2019 MLB Draft Brings Uncertainty For The Tigers Pick

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Detroit Tigers
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The Detroit Tigers are preparing for the 2019 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft. However, a lot of uncertainty looms over who the Tigers will take with the fifth overall pick.

The 2019 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft is approaching, and the first two picks are pretty much solidified by the undisputed top prospects for this draft class. Adley Rutschmann of the Oregon State Beavers has had a monster season and has practically locked himself in as the number one pick by the Baltimore Orioles in the upcoming draft. Going second overall will most likely be Bobby Witt Jr. out of Heritage High School in Texas. The Royals are most likely snatching him up after Rutschmann is taken. So what does that leave the Detroit Tigers?

After the first two picks, is where the funny business begins, there are a lot of different players that fit a lot of the teams that have picks 3-10. The Detroit Tigers possessing pick number five are looking at a multitude of different players who will be explored as the article continues. The fifth overall pick is still going to produce great talent for the Tigers and will result in someone who we can get to the big leagues and hopefully have a good impact in the lineup.

The question that begs to be asked first and foremost, what position will the Detroit Tigers be targeting in the draft, outfield, first baseman, middle infield, or another pitcher to add to the list of top arms? The question to follow that up that needs to be considered is, what is the best available and who is going to be the best investment for the Tigers future. There are a lot of players that can fill a gap, become a stud, and hopefully become a force for the Tigers who are looking to polish off a rebuild as soon as possible.

Something to take into consideration is, the player who is selected is going to have to go through the minor league system, so do the Tigers want to roll with a college ball guy who is a bit older, or is the young high school kid who may need some more time to develop the better option for the Tigers organizational development?

The Tigers have some decisions to make, and no one will know what indeed is going to happen until a name gets called on draft day. Speculation, however, can let us fans develop our own thoughts, so let’s spell out some of the different players the Tigers need to target with that fifth overall pick.