Detroit Red Wings: What Fans Need To Know For the 2019 NHL Draft

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Detroit Red Wings
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Dylan Cozens was thought to even be a top three draft pick, with Turcotte almost solidifying himself at three, Cozens could be a reliable option for the Detroit Red Wings at sixth overall. The Red Wings could add him to a slew of prospects who are on the track of reaching the NHL level soon or in the next two years.

The Detroit Red Wings could use a forward like Cozens, and he fits the perfect mold for this organization with a solid six-foot-three build as a centerman and winger. Cozens spent this season in the WHL playing for the Lethbridge Hurricanes where he managed eighty-four points through sixty-eight games. His eighty-four points came in the form of thirty-four goals and fifty assists.

For a player who sports a big frame, he skates exceptionally well. Skating is one of the tools that make Cozens a standout option for the Red Wings at six. Something that makes him a “safe bet” is that he is kind of like Patrice Bergeron, a “somewhat” bigger body who is an asset for his team in both the offensive and defensive zone. Cozens’ ability to backcheck allows him to be an effective defender.

Unlike most youngsters, Cozens uses his edge work and acceleration in relationship with his size to be phenomenal at protecting the puck in tight spots. Cozens does a great job in one-on-one battles where he is forced to use his abilities to protect the puck. In terms of his ability to use his vision, he is lacking, but his size and two-way style of play are what makes him a solid bet to pay off as a franchise player for the Detroit Red Wings or whoever ends up with him.