Detroit Red Wings: What Fans Need To Know For the 2019 NHL Draft

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Detroit Red Wings
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Beyond the first round, the Detroit Red Wings have plenty of picks so if Byram doesn’t fall or some last-minute information scares Yzerman away from the initial plan there’s plenty of other picks to work with. Based on Yzerman’s drafting track record, the excess picks should breed great talent.

After the first round, the draft board is as follows,

  • No.35  in the second round
  • No.54  in the second round
  • No.60  in the second round
  • No.66  in the third round
  • No.97  in the fourth round
  • No.128  in the fifth round
  • No.143  in the fifth round
  • No.159  in the sixth round
  • No.190  in the seventh round

Having three second round picks should only pay off great for Yzerman’s track record. Two fifth-round picks could allow us to fill out the draft board with some late talent that excites. Detroit Red Wings fans should expect a solid hidden gem to come out of this draft, with five selections through the first three rounds, that should leave Yzerman enough room to find a solid player, hopefully, five. Having proved his drafting skill with Tampa Bay, expect someone who may shock fans in the second or third round to turn out as a robust selection in the coming years.

Depending on the first selection at sixth overall will most likely dictate what position the Red Wings target in the first couple picks. With a forward-heavy draft class, the Red Wings may wait to select a defenseman if they can get one early. The “best player available” strategy could pay off, but Yzerman needs to choose the player who will best fit the Red Wings current and future prospect situation.

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Bringing in four offensive wingers is not going to help; the roster needs to be filled out in a sense, Yzerman needs to find the players who are going to compliment other players styles of play. His drafting skills are solid, Detroit Red Wings fans should not worry come draft day, things are going to work out for the best interest of this teams future.