Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford trade rumors great for the organization

The social media world broke the internet at least in Metro Detroit with a rumor that the Detroit Lions were actively shopping franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford.

This is the best thing that could happen for the Detroit Lions leading up to the NFL Draft. It’s an organization that desperately needs a jolt in the arm from the upcoming draft class. General manager Bob Quinn understands he needs to stockpile draft picks and build draft capital.

If the Detroit Lions appear they are serious about drafting Tua Tagovailoa with the third overall pick, it will force the Miami Dolphins or the Los Angeles Chargers to act. Hopefully, it prompts the two into a bidding war to either trade up to three benefitting Detroit with a bundle of extra draft choices, or even two, offering the Washington Redskins a haul to trade back. That would allow Chase Young to fall to Detroit at three. Or perhaps the Lions trade back with either team and still select Jeff Okudah plus add multiple picks later in the draft.

Isn’t that the perfect scenario?

If the Redskins are hell-bent on selecting Chase Young, and Miami, in particular, doesn’t happen to buy-in to the fact Detroit is serious about taking Tagovailoa, Miami isn’t forced to trade-up knowing that the New York Giants absolutely are not selecting a quarterback. Or perhaps the bidding teams simply trade with New York granting them the substantial draft capital and forget about Detroit all together.

The Dolphins also need to monitor the Chargers closely who are moving on from Philip Rivers. It appears there is a significant drop off in talent after Joe Burrow and Tua are off the board. Would the Chargers stand-pat at six and simply take Justin Herbert? Sure, he may turn into a franchise quarterback, but if we are playing the odds, most of us would hitch their wagon to Tua even with the injury concerns.

The rumors of trading Matthew Stafford are perfect for the Lions. Don’t forget; this is a franchise in which ownership had just handed an ultimatum to the team’s brass to compete for a playoff position or be prepared to clean out your office. Don’t forget trade rumors, especially this time of year are just that…rumors per Bernie Smilovitz.

Before being shut down with a back injury, Stafford was excelling with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell’s system. I can’t say for sure, but it appeared Matt was healthy enough to play down the stretch, but it wouldn’t have benefited the Lions what so ever, so why wouldn’t you allow him to sit to assure he’s entirely healthy for the upcoming season? To me, it was Detroit’s way of tanking.

Stafford is 32 years old; the clock is starting to stike a little more expeditious now, he’s made the turn, and is about to tee off on the back nine. The time is now, Detroit needs to be competitive next season, trading Stafford will set the franchise back at least two years, are the Ford’s willing to do that?

We shouldn’t overlook the fact that by trading Stafford, it will cost the team a whopping $32-million in dead money against the Lions cap. No organization, not even this one, is willing to pay a franchise talent that type of money to play elsewhere.

Earlier this Winter, the Lions, reconstructed Stafford’s deal turning $6 million into a signing bonus, which opened up money to sign others and added to the ‘dead money’ number. It proves the team has no intention of moving him.

Everyone needs to relax and let Bob Quinn build that significant draft capital.