Detroit Tigers: Top 20 prospects going into the 2020 season

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Sergio Alcantara, SS/2B, Double-A in 2019

Back in 2012, the Arizona Diamondbacks signed infielder Sergio Alcantara to a contract out of the Dominican Republic. Four years later, to try and make a postseason run, the Diamondbacks would trade for star outfielder JD Martinez from the Detroit Tigers in exchange for Alcantara, shortstop Jose King, and infielder Dawel Lugo. Alcantara has spent time in the Tigers organization, playing the last two seasons at the Double-A level.

The switch-hitting infielder is poised to be a shortstop but has seen time at second base as well. Alcantara is a smaller player, standing 5-foot-9, coming in at 170-pounds. The twenty-three-year-old does not have the frame to be a power hitter, but rather a line-drive and gap hitter who uses his abilities at the plate to get on base.

Working at-bats and trying to hit line drives that find gaps to get on base is how Alcantara gets the job done. Over 102 games with the Double-A Erie squad, Alcantara hit .247/.346/.296  with only two home runs but had twenty-seven RBI. Defensively he made only ten errors over 874 total innings playing shortstop of second base for the Seawolves.

Comparing him lefty versus a righty, he is stronger as a hitter from the left side. Doing damage as a line-drive hitter and finding gaps to get on base. He has a double toe-tap in his swing but still does drive the ball well for someone who is mainly a line-drive or groundball hitter.

From the right side, Alcantara has a very wide stance with a quick step and drive in his swing. At heel strike, he has still spread pretty wide apart when hitting as a right-hander. His glove and ability to play defense are what carries the most value for Alcantara.

He has a very smooth set of fielding mechanics allowing him to make good plays. He has a good range due to his ability to read and react pre-emptively, not being the speediest of players. He has a decent arm, which can be a little erratic here and there, but the raw arm strength is there and developing as he goes through the ranks.

MLB Expectations: The way it stands now, Alcantara is set to be a defense-first type of player for the Detroit Tigers. Alcantara is not going to develop this hitting tool out of thin air. Still, he could improve his hitting abilities to make him a playable major league infielder who focuses on his defense more than anything. Think of someone like José Igleasis, who may be a stretch, but it gives Tigers fans an idea of what to expect in the future from Alcantara.