Detroit Tigers: Positives to the 2020 season being delayed

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The start of the Detroit Tigers 2020 season is going to be delayed at least two months, but some positives will come from this.

The Detroit Tigers season will not be starting on time, as much as fans will want to watch baseball, there may be some positives to the season starting late. With the COVID-19 outbreak, the season will likely be starting at least two months late.

Owners around the league are planning on trying to play a full 162 game season to continue through the 2020 summer, but that could get complicated. Most likely, this means a shortened season will probably happen, which is good for the Tigers.

The Tigers were 47-114 during the 2019 regular season, earning them the first overall draft selection this summer. However, with a shortened season, the positive side is that fans will not have to watch the team lose 114 games again.

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Thinking about it this way, if the league shortens the season to around 120 games, that would mean there is about thirty-ish fewer losses the Tigers will have.

As much as fans may miss baseball and want to see the Tigers back on the field, watching them lose a ton of games again is not going to be fun for anyone.

If the Tigers are going to commit to the “Vandy Plan,” drafting Austin Martin this year and following that up with Kumar Rocker, who will be draft-eligible next season, they will not have to lose as many games in a shortened season.

It will necessarily mean they can still be terrible and clinch the first overall pick, but they will not have to lose 114 games as they did in 2019.

The shortened season has its benefit for Tigers players as well, with one in particular. Starting pitcher Michael Fulmer who has been out injured, will have more time to rehab with the downtime before the season starts.

Fulmer was projected to rejoin the Tigers rotation during June, with the season being delayed two months he has more time to rehab fully. With the start time being pushed back, Fulmer could potentially join the team when the season starts or soon after.

Something else to consider as a positive would be the shortened season causing teams to scramble on getting competitive. If the Tigers have someone who starts hot and becomes trade bait like Joe Jiménez or Matthew Boyd, they could be moved without the worry of a fall-off.

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The Detroit Tigers may not be on the field right now, which sucks for fans but look at some of the positives in terms of the season being delayed.