Detroit Tigers: Three foolish roster moves of Al Avila over the years

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Detroit Tigers
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The Detroit Tigers have made some questionable roster moves over the past few years, take a look at some of the foolish moves that General Manager Al Avila has made.

Since the 2015 regular season when the Detroit Tigers handed the reins over to General Manager (GM) Al Avila, things have mostly just gone downhill. The Tigers have made plenty of roster moves over the last couple of years, and on this April Fools Day, take a look at some of the foolish ones.

With the 2020 season still hanging in the balance, take some time to go back in time and look at the demise of the Tigers in terms of roster moves that were made. Since coming to the Tigers, Avila has made fourteen trades as the GM of the organization and countless other roster moves, some more questionable than others.

Draft picks have been the focus of his time here as the head of the organization; he has made plenty of early-round draft picks. Over the years, Avila has stocked up the bullpen, which has made things interesting in trade talks.

One of the things that are important to note when looking at Avila is his inept ability to struggle through trade talks. Though this is a recap of three foolish roster moves, it is hard to ignore that “could have” trades that Avila has missed out on.

The injury-stricken arm of Michael Fulmer has been someone that could have netted a prospect similar to Javier Báez or Alex Bregman. Rather than pulling the trigger on the trade, Avila would keep him with the Tigers.

Now, the latest saga of missed opportunities falls on current ace Matthew Boyd and his re-occurring trade rumors. Boyd trade rumors should continue to happen if and when the 2020 season occurs this year.

After comments made by Christopher Illitch, it seems that Avila will be at the helm of the organization for the foreseeable future. This may be some rough news to hear for Tigers fans, but sadly it seems that it is the reality.

Avila is going to be at the helm of the organization through the rest of this rebuild, and hopefully, he can get back on track. He will have to make the necessary moves to get this team into a competitive form once again. But for now, take a look at some of the blunders that Avila has made while with this organization at the helm of things.