Detroit Tigers: Three foolish roster moves of Al Avila over the years

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On November 30th, 2015, the Detroit Tigers signed starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann to a five-year, $110 million contract, after passing on Max Scherzer.

One of the biggest mistakes of the Detroit Tigers recent-ish roster moves was letting ace Max Scherzer walk and signing Jordan Zimmermann instead. Avila gave $110 million to Zimmermann, who has substantially fallen off into the background after consistently getting worse with the Tigers.

For those keeping track at home, after the 2020 regular season, Zimmermann will collect his last $25 million from the organization before hitting the open market, or more likely calling it a career. He has statistically been one of the worst pitchers in the American League in the past few seasons.

In 2019, Zimmermann was horrible, posting a 1-13 record with a 6.91 ERA and 1.52 WHIP over 112 innings of work on the season. Since coming to Tigers, Zimmermann has not posted an ERA below 4.50 over four seasons.

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At this point, it seems that converting Zimmermann into the mop-up reliever that pitches on long relief appearances when the team is down.

He could provide value as an innings eater in this capacity, just pitching here and there rather than being sent out there once every five days.

It is no secret that the Tigers are going to be horrific in 2020,  but trotting out Zimmermann knowing he will likely lose every start does not seem worth it to be quite honest.

The $110 million contract has brought the Tigers nothing, but losses and a high ERA granted the offense has been shady but still losses nonetheless.

The Tigers could have shelled out the money the year before, signed Mad Max, and had Justin Verlander and Scherzer as their one-two punch for the last few seasons, instead it is Zimmermann barely clinging to life in a rotation that is hopeful for the young kids.

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It has been a long five years with Al Avila at the helm of the Detroit Tigers, and these are three foolish moves that he has made during his time at the helm of the organization.