Detroit Tigers: Could shortened season help Miguel Cabrera revival?

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The Detroit Tigers season is not going to be 162 games, but with Miguel Cabrera poised for a resurgence, a shortened season might do him well.

Before COVID-19 halted the sports world, the Detroit Tigers had something to look forward too in the form of a resurgence from Miguel Cabrera. When 2020 Spring Training was still ongoing, Cabrera showed signs of a revival, not only looking better physically but hitting wise too.

The former Triple Crown Winner was off to quite the start in Spring Training, playing in twelve games, registering twenty-nine plate appearances. He managed a .345/.406/.690 slash with three home runs, including one that was a moon shot.

He would also put up seven RBI during the spring campaign before the season was halted. The spring was off to a fantastic start for the thirty-six-year-old who has not been as good as he was in the past in recent years.

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Injuries have played a part in Cabrera’s regression over the years, but 2019 was not the best season for him.

In 2019, Cabrera played in 136 games where he posted .282/.346/.398 while hitting 12 home runs and accumulating 59 RBI for the Tigers.

Since the season is likely to be shortened, there are a few different reasons as to why this benefits the re-emerging Cabrera.

With fewer games being on the schedule, it means the season should be less lengthy in terms of a tasking schedule for the aging Cabrera.

Now, more doubleheaders have been considered, but with Cabrera demanding that he still see time in the field, it should make it easier for him to stay healthy.

All-in-all a shortened season will allow Cabrera to endure more as he will only be playing from say June to November or something along those lines.

Even with the season being shortened, it is no secret that the Tigers will still be horrifically bad, but Cabrera will have little to no pressure to be producing. If Cabrera can work on his performance, he will be able to capitalize on the opportunities of a shortened season.

With this downtime, Cabrera has time to work on maintaining the condition he is in for this shortened season. Cabrera showed up to spring ball looking much better than last season, and hopefully, that does not change with this halt in play/team workouts.

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The Detroit Tigers season may be shortened, but that just means Cabrera has a better chance to bounce back and re-emerge as the hitter he used to be.