Detroit Tigers: Niko Goodrum to compete in MLB The Show Tournament

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The Detroit Tigers season is yet to begin, but Major League Baseball is hosting an MLB The Show 2020 videogame tournament, and Niko Goodrum is the representative.

With the season still not underway or starting anytime soon, Major League Baseball has come up with a different way to provide “sports” and content for fans. The Detroit Tigers, as well as all other 30 teams, are participating in a leaguewide MLB The Show 2020 tournament.

The Tigers representative for the tournament is utility player Niko Goodrum. The tournament will feature regular season three-inning games throughout April. Goodrum will take on each of the 29 other teams across the league. After that, it will be playoffs set up similar to the MLB Postseason format.

Beyond the sticks, this tournament will do good for the Tigers community as Major League Baseball and Sony Interactive Entertainment will be donating $5,000 to the local Boys and Girls Club affiliate here in Detroit. If Goodrum wins the “World Series” of this league, the local Boys and Girls Club affiliate will get $25,000 more.

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So while the Tigers cannot be on the field, fans can log into Twitch or YouTube to watch Goodrum take on his opponents.

Games will have commentary and be taking place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on the two platforms discussed above.

It would be interesting to see if Niko Goodrum can win more games playing as the Tigers than the Tigers were going to win in April if they were playing. The Tigers were not going to win many games in April, even if they were playing.

This tournament will give fans to watch one of the Tigers players compete; it also offers fans a chance to watch some baseball, even if it is a virtual league. The commentary is going to be provided by MLB Network’s Robert Flores.

Flores will be interviewing players before, during, and after games so fans will get to hear from Goodrum while he plays. For those out there who are itching to bet on sports and are missing out on sports, OddsShark has an answer for you.

Goodrum has +3500 odds, according to OddsShark, he is not the favorite with Amir Garrett, Trevor May, and Blake Snell possessing the top three odds for the tournament. Goodrum may not be the favorite, but do not count him out in this MLB The Show 2020 tournament.

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There is no baseball to watch right now, but the Detroit Tigers and teams around the country are finding ways to provide content for fans. Good luck to Niko Goodrum as the tournament kicks off!