Detroit Tigers: 3 players to trade during the 2020 season

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Detroit Tigers
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The Detroit Tigers 2020 season hangs in the balance, but the Tigers have a good amount of players who they can move to upgrade the minor league system.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the only Detroit Tigers baseball being played is from Niko Goodrum in the MLB The Show Players League. With the season uncertain if and when it will begin, the Tigers are left in limbo with players in contract years.

Currently, the Tigers have six players who will hit the free agency market after the 2020 season. The issue with these six players, it makes it hard to move them when some of them are Iván Nova and Jordan Zimmermann.

There are some players who may not have expiring contracts this season who could be used as trade bait for the Tigers. At the end of the day, the Tigers should move any players who will help them better the minor league system.

The season may not even happen, leaving the Tigers in an interesting situation, but there is hope that the season will begin at some point in 2020. That being said, take a look at three players the Tigers should move if the opportunity presents itself.

The two newcomers, CJ Cron and Jonathan Schoop, are two Tigers players who could be flipped to another team as rentals with Schoop being quite familiar with this. Not in a contract year, but if teams start calling on Joe Jiménez, hopefully, Al Avila picks up the phone.

All Tigers fans know that Avila has not been the best when it comes to making trades and bettering the system with a rough track record as it is. The Matthew Boyd trade rumors will likely start as soon as the Tigers return, and he kicks off the season with six decent innings.

But, being honest, it sure seems like Boyd is Michael Fulmer 2.0 when it comes to trading, he will be talked about and talked about but never get moved. As time goes on, it seems less and less likely that Major League Baseball will get the season underway.

There has been plenty of talk of starting up, but so many different things come into play when it comes to returning to baseball safely. It seems that there are a lot of different things that need to happen before the league is restored.

Take a look at the three Tigers who should be moved if Major League Baseball does start up this summer, starting with Jonathan Schoop.