Detroit Tigers: 3 players to trade during the 2020 season

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Detroit Tigers
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The Detroit Tigers signed Jonathan Schoop in the offseason leading into 2020 to a one-year deal making him rental trade bait for contending teams.

The second part of the tandem stolen from the Twins was Jonathan Schoop, who also signed a one-year, $6.1 million contract with the Detroit Tigers. A former rental player, he could find himself on the move again in 2020 if the season picks back up.

The twenty-eight-year-old second baseman is a seven-year veteran of the big leagues, breaking in with the Baltimore Orioles. Schoop would spend his first five seasons and half of the sixth with the Orioles as a developing infielder.

Schoop is similar to Cron in that his power was not immediate, but when it showed up, it started a bit of a surge. His best season with the Orioles was 2017 when he was an all-star, hitting .293/.338/.503 with 32 home runs and 105 RBI on the season.

The following year, Schoop would get moved to the Milwaukee Brewers at the deadline, pitching in on efforts to get deep into the postseason in 2018. After his forty-six games with the Brewers, Schoop would go and sign with the Minnesota Twins, where he spent the 2019 season.

In 2019, Schoop would hit .256/.304/.473 with 23 home runs and 59 RBI on the season. Now in the Tigers lineup, he adds a power threat that the team lacks immensely since Cabrera has fallen off and become more of a singles and doubles hitter, still showing power here and there.

If Schoop can net the Tigers any sort of return, again, position players being preferred, Avila needs to pull the trigger and make the trade. If baseball is not played in 2020, there is a chance that the $6.1 million owed to Schoop becomes a waste, being that he would not play a single regular-season game.