Detroit Lions: 3 potential undrafted rookie free agents to sign

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We are just a day away from the first round of the NFL draft.  Like everyone else this time of year, we’ve produced our fair share of mock drafts leading up to big day. Still, in this article, we’re going to take a look at a few potential undrafted players the Detroit Lions should consider signing after the draft.

It’s always an exciting time of year, but this year it’s magnified due to COVID-19.  Sports junkies haven’t had anything to read other than evergreen content aside from the NFL draft.  I’m like all of you and sift through the sports channels planning on which game I’d like to tune in to watch each evening.  Usually, I find myself locked in on whatever Fox Sports Detroit is playing, but I’ve also caught a few NFL playoff games I had enjoyed watching or the Detroit Lions on NFL Game Pass.

We hope the Detroit Lions have the opportunity to land Chase Young with the third overall pick.  The Washington Redskins are fielding offers for the second overall pick, but it will take a massive offer for Dan Snyder to move down in the draft, leaving a player like Young on the board.

There is plenty of chatter about Tua Tagovailoa and his injury concerns, but you need to take what teams are saying with a grain of salt this time of year.  Teams will release negative statements about prospects hoping to bluff their way to have an opportunity to draft said player.  Thursday, we’ll know exactly what teams think of Tua, he’s either going to fall due to the injuries, or someone will come up into the top three to select him, and we’ll have our answer as to how everyone views the severity of his injuries.

If Chase Young is not available, I expect the Detroit Lions to select his college teammate Jeff Okudah. Still, we can’t rule out the possibility of Bob Quinn taking Derrick Brown or Isaiah Simmons.

As excited as the NFL draft is, we’ve decided to try and provide you with something else to think about before the draft starts.  The Lions currently have a roster of 78 players, leaving just a handful of spots for undrafted free agents.  Here are three players that may go undrafted that the Detroit Lions should consider signing as undrafted free agents after the draft.