Detroit Tigers: 2020 divisional realignment adds interesting storylines

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The 2020 Major League Baseball season is going to be quite interesting, and not just for the Detroit Tigers organization but all across the league.

It has been about fifty days where the Major League Baseball world was put on pause, and there is not a ton of good news on the horizon. The Detroit Tigers are (sort of) benefitting from this pause, being that they are not out losing every day, but fans would agree, it would be nice to see some baseball, even losing.

The good news that has come about is a three-division plan, no American/National Leagues, but rather three ten-team divisions. There would be a Central, East, and West divisions, with three states being the home fields for this.

As expected, the Tigers would be in the central division along with the rest of the typical American League Central division as well as the Nationa League Central division, swapping the Atlanta Braves in for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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The divisional rivalries would remain intact for the most part, and more interleague play would happen with this combined ten team division.

Fresh faces for Tigers fans watching the games, though the Tigers are in the midst of a rebuild, seeing some of the National League’s top talents would be fun to watch.

The Tigers storyline just adds in some flare with the National League talent that fans rarely get to see, the real fireworks come in the West division.

The Western Division will have two teams that will most likely be the root of some brawls or at least some theatrics if play resumes.

The Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers will be in the same division if play resumes and the proposed plan is ratified.

The Astros who still have not yet begun the regular season after they were given their slap on the wrist for the sign-stealing scandal.

The Dodgers were on the other end of this scandal during World Series appearance in 2017 and may be out for blood in 2020. Though Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has made it clear that pitchers will be punished for throwing at hitters, expect that to be common.

Frankly, watching these two teams hash it out on a regular basis would be must-see baseball with this realignment. Tigers fans could tune in to see former ace, Justin Verlander, on the mound for the Astros.

At the very minimum, the opportunity to watch the Tigers or Major League Baseball in itself would be more than rewarding for fans. The storylines could be quite exciting for those in the Western Division.

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Hopefully, the Detroit Tigers will be back on the ball field at some point this summer, and with any luck, there will be some interesting storylines, even if it is a different division.