Detroit Tigers: Armando Galarraga still searching for perfection

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Ten years ago, former Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga spun a gem, missing a perfect game with a blown call, leaving him still searching for perfection.

The Detroit Tigers are not able to return to the field yet, but a former starter is still looking for a way to relive his time on the field. Starting pitcher, Armando Galarraga had a perfect game taken from him due to a blown call by an umpire, and ten years later, he wants that to change.

In a time where sports are on hold, Galarraga has been reliving some games of the past, and one of those was his 2010 perfect game. He would retire 26 batters straight, looking real good along the way. The twenty-seventh hitter was Cleveland Indians infielder Jayson Nix, which changed things.

Nix would hit a groundball to first base, Miguel Cabrera fielded it and threw the ball over to Galarraga who stepped on the bag, seemingly in time. However, umpire Jim Joyce had different ideas, and he would ultimately blow the call leaving Nix on first base.

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Immediately after the blown call, players were stunned, Cabrera, Galarraga, as well as Nix all, had looks of perplexion on their faces.

Ultimately, Joyce would come out the following day and admit that the call was incorrect and that he had messed up, and he apologized to Galarraga.

Ten years later, Galarraga wants things to change, and he wants his call to be overturned and get credit for his perfect game from 2010.

Given that it was the very last play of the game, some people, including Galarraga, feel that the league can go back and make things right.

The former Tigers pitcher was never really a perennial big-league arm; he spent six years in the big leagues and three years with the Tigers.

That one game in 2010 will be one of the best parts of Galarraga’s career, and he is looking to have things made right and earn a spot in baseball history. A spot in baseball history that can be turned around if the league decides to reverse a blown call.

If Major League Baseball were to reverse the call, Galarraga would join the list of (currently) twenty-three pitchers who have thrown a perfect game. The list would increase to twenty-four, which seems like a more than doable price to pay for the missed call.

Though he never had a sub-four ERA besides 2008 when he posted a 3.73 ERA. Also, besides that 2008 season, Galarraga would not win more than ten games in a season, so he was not a Cy Young Award winner.

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After all, reversing one plate appearance from a game ten years ago to give Galarraga the piece of history he deserves seems appropriate.