Detroit Tigers: Fanbase needs to stick with organization through rebuild

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The Detroit Tigers rebuild has been strenuous and tasking, but the fanbase needs to stick with the organization through these losing seasons.

After a 100-plus loss Detroit Tigers season, and the 2020 season would be similar if it was played out in its entirety. But one thing is sure, fans do not want to watch losing, and the attendance has gone missing, and Comerica Park has a lot more seats left to bake in the sun with no fans in there.

There has been a lot of outcry regarding decisions that have been made by General Manager (GM) Al Avila, which is more than warranted. Some of the trades he has made to “better” the organization have been questionable, but at the end of the day, the ownership supports him.

Christopher Illitch released a statement in regards to the “great job” that Avila was doing as the pilot of this rebuild at the GM position. Things may be bleak right now with a lack of good prospects, but the future is bright.

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Sticking with this organization in a time where it seems like the future holds nothing but losing should not be a secret to this city.

Detroiters who are fans of the Detroit Lions organization know what it is like to continue supporting an organization that struggles to find its way.

Though the Lions consistently seem to find ways to offer hope or upside into each season, the Tigers are rotting in the bottom of the American League (AL) Central division, and the hope seems to be years away.

Trust the process, the rebuild is going to continue to be long and tasking, prospects may not pan out, a few of the plethora of pitchers are going to falter, but in a few years, the Tigers will be back at the top of the AL Central.

If the fanbase continues to stick with this organization, even with the dumb trades that Avila may make, good things will come from it. Eventually, the organization will make that big signing, bring in a valuable name, and start piecing together that competing team once again.

It may be two, three, or even four years until this happens depending on how the prospects develop through the minors and which free agents are brought in to supplement these prospects. Though it will be tough to watch the Tigers lose, lose, and lose again, the results are worth it.

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When it is all said and done, fans who stay true to the organization will be able to see the Detroit Tigers come out of the rebuild and get back to a time of competition and winning.