Detroit Pistons: Spencer Dinwiddie uses GoFundMe to decide future

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(Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

If it sounds crazy, that is because it is crazy.  Former Detroit Pistons guard Spencer Dinwiddie has created a GoFundMe page to help decide his free-agency fate.

Many of the older readers are quietly sipping their coffee and shaking their heads at the notion of a professional player letting fans choose their next stop in free agency, but that just defines the world we live in now.  It’s 2020, social media plays such a significant role in society, and it’s once again proven in this instance by former Detroit Pistons guard Spencer Dinwiddie.

Oddly enough, Dinwiddie is a point guard who has really broken out since leaving the Detroit Pistons.  This season playing with the Nets, he’s averaged a mere 20.6 points per game.

The Detroit Pistons drafted Dinwiddie back in 2014 with the 38th overall pick.  Playing as a reserve with Detroit, Dinwiddie failed to muster even five points per game.  When the young Dinwiddie was unable to beat out Steve Blake to be Reggie Jackson‘s primary backup point guard, the Pistons sent his services to Chicago in exchange for Cameron Bairstow.  Needless to say, it’s a deal Detroit would like to have back.

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Dinwiddie never made an appearance with the Bulls after they acquired him, and was immediately sent down to their G-league affiliate and later waived.  The Brooklyn Nets took a flier on him, and he’s taken flight since.

Since leaving Detroit, Dinwiddie has progressively improved season-to-season.  He’s averaged more points per game year to year.  As a 23-year old and his first season with the Nets, he averaged seven points per game, then 12.6 the following season.

Last season the point guard notched 16.8 points per game, and this year with the newly signed Kyrie Irving on the roster a tremendous 20.6 points per game as previously mentioned.  With Kevin Durant sidelined for the entire season, a player like Dinwiddie benefitted offensively by having just more scoring opportunities.

As this year expires, Dinwiddie having a player option in his contract, and coming off of a career-year, he will look elsewhere for his next job.  Spencer will surely see a payday in his future, and he’s allowing a GoFundMe page to help decide it.  Check it out;

Dinwiddie originally signed a three-year deal with the Nets that pays him an average of about $11-million per season.  The agreement has a built-in 2021 player-option that will clearly be exercised after his on-court performance this season.

It’s ironic because the Detroit Pistons could certainly use Dinwiddie’s services as the team’s starting point guard, which will allow the team to continue to manage Derrick Rose‘s minutes moving forward.

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Also, bringing back Dinwiddie would allow for some roster flexibility, even using a backcourt of Rose and Dinwiddie at times.  Detroit will have money to spend, but will they be able to lure top players immediately after starting the rebuild?  Unlikely.