Detroit Tigers: First overall selection brings uncertainty amongst rumors

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The 2020 MLB First-Year Amateur Player Draft is coming up, and there is still uncertainty around who the Detroit Tigers will be selecting.

The Detroit Tigers have the first overall selection in the upcoming 2020 MLB First-Year Amateur Player Draft this June. The League has finally started coming to agreements on the layout of the draft, the specifications being that it will be an early June draft for five rounds only.

Since the Tigers had the first overall selection in their grasp, they have been tied to a few names, but two seem to be battling for the honor amongst rumors. Spencer Torkelson, the first baseman/outfielder from Arizona State University, was the one who has gotten the most nods.

From scouting sources across the country, Torkelson seems to consistently come in ranked number one, meaning he should be the Tigers selection. However, Vanderbilt University third baseman/outfielder, Austin Martin, is worth just as much of a look given the Tigers situation.

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Whoever the Tigers select is going to be one of the team’s future studs in the lineup, but right now, rumors are flying left and right.

The rankings point to Torkelson being the player to take, but some reports seem to think Martin is the draft choice.

Personally, following the “Vandy Plan” by taking Martin and then tanking to select starting pitcher Kumar Rocker next summer would be a phenomenal addition to this rebuild.

The power with Torkelson could be comparable to the power being shown by Pete Alonso and the New York Mets in his rise to stardom. It is kind of a toss-up when it comes to who the Tigers are going to select, and no one is going to know what will happen until it gets announced.

Until then, it seems that a cloud of uncertainty is going to surround that first overall selection from the Tigers. Draft day is still a few weeks away, more news could emerge, but rankings consistently put Torkelson at number one, but is a power-hitting first baseman going to help the Tigers?

Adding him would not be a mistake, but with Miguel Cabrera starting to run out his contract at first base/designated hitter, he might create a logjam even if it takes a few years to push Torkelson through the minors.

The reason it seems valid to keep tying the Tigers to Martin is that he offers versatility as a prospect who is still going to grow into his own, possibly show improvements in the power category, becoming a threat with multiple tools.

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At the end of the day, Detroit Tigers General Manager Al Avila will make the call, but until then, the first pick is going to be surrounded by a cloud of uncertainty.