Red Wings news: NHL Draft Lottery odds will not be changed

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The National Hockey League (NHL) announced it’s return-to-play plans, and the latest plan means the Detroit Red Wings NHL Draft Lottery odds will not change.

The Detroit Red Wings regular season is over according to the latest announcement regarding a return-to-play. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman laid out the latest plan to get hockey back up and running, and this means the regular season is over for everyone, not just the Red Wings.

The part of the plan that was announced that is most heartbreaking is the announcement regarding the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery Odds. For a brief time period, it seemed that the sweepstakes for Alexis Lafrenière was going to be given to the organization.

The updated odds turned out to be scrapped, and the original NHL Draft Lottery odds are going to be used, but the pick seeding beyond eight will be assigned letters until the play-in games and playoffs are completed.

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The way things stand now under the new plan, the Red Wings will have an 18.5% chance of landing the first overall selection.

The Ottawa Senators have a 25% chance of getting the first overall selection since they own the rights to the San Jose Sharks first-round selection as well.

It seems that the NHL Draft Lottery is going to result in the Red Wings ending up with a third or fourth overall pick due to the luck of the draw.

The hope remains that the 18.5% chance pays off the Red Wings land their chance at Lafrenière, but it does not seem that way.

The odds may not have changed from what they originally were and usually are, but talks of updated odds from the NHL offered hope that the first overall selection was given away.

While other organizations begin prepping for a return to the ice, the focus for the Red Wings will be the offseason with things like the 2020 NHL Draft and free agency starting to come into view. It is no surprise that the season is over, but it does suck to hear that the updated odds were false.

For the time being, it seems that the Red Wings organization can return to sitting and waiting, the Draft Lottery is going to be held on June 26th before the qualifying round opens up. The Red Wings will just sit and wait on the Lottery to find out the fate of the organization.

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The Detroit Red Wings offseason and rebuild will hinge on the selection that the team makes in this upcoming draft; hopefully, it is the first overall pick and chance at Lafreniére.