Detroit Tigers 2020 MLB Draft: First day of the draft preview

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Before day one of the Detroit Tigers 2020 MLB Draft, take a look at the day one preview.

The 2020 MLB First-Year Amateur Player Draft is set to begin at 7 p.m. ET on June 10th, where the Detroit Tigers will kick off the first of their five selections. This year’s draft is going to be interesting given the circumstances, but it provides the Tigers with a chance to add some players.

The Tigers have the first overall selection in the draft, which has been known for quite some time now, the organization will have to settle the questions around who they will select finally. The debate has been between two players, but who knows; maybe the organization goes rogue.

Throughout the draft, the Tigers are going to make six selections, given that they do have a choice in the second competitive balance round. The Tigers will then be able to add to their draft class with undrafted free agents, which are again unique to this draft.

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Detroit Tigers day one selection.

Simply enough, the Tigers will make the first overall selection in the draft and then be done for day one.

It will be a quick night for the Tigers, who will end the debate and uncertainty around who will get selected with that first overall selection.

Frankly, all signs point to the selection being the first baseman Spencer Torkelson from Arizona State University. Instead of selecting Torkelson, they could take Austin Martin from Vanderbilt University, or maybe they will shock the world and choose starting pitcher Asa Lacy.

If the Tigers go rogue, it could get ugly amongst fans who are not going to want the organization to bring in yet another arm. Regardless of that, Tigers fans can tune in, watch the first pick, and be able to call it a night on day one.

Detroit Tigers dark horses to hope slip through the cracks

Since the Tigers will be picking early on again on day two, there are players they should hope slip through the cracks. If the Tigers want to make sure their draft class can be a productive one, snagging a dark horse prospect would be extremely beneficial.

First up on this list of players who could slip through the cracks is Dillon Dingler, a catcher from the Ohio State University. If he were to slip beyond the first round and competitive balance A round, he is worth a look.

If the Tigers opt to look for a “steal” on a pitcher, an arm like Slade Cecconi would be a fantastic get at the beginning of the first round. Cecconi has some of the best overall “stuff” in this draft class and would be another arm to add to the list in case prospects start fizzling out.

Where and when to watch the Detroit Tigers make their selection

As mentioned above, the first round is on June 10th,  beginning at 7 p.m. EST and be broadcasts on two networks. Fans looking to see who the Tigers select with the first overall selection should tune in to MLB Network or ESPN and their respective broadcasts.

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Day one of the Detroit Tigers draft may be over quickly, but it will put plenty of rumors to bed after a long few months of uncertainty around who they would pick.