Detroit Tigers 2020 MLB Draft: Second day of the draft preview

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Before day one of the Detroit Tigers 2020 MLB Draft, take a look at the day two preview.

The Detroit Tigers will be kicking off the draft on day one with only one selection, but the second day of the draft is where things will get interesting. The remaining five picks that the Tigers will make take place on day two of the draft.

This is where fans need to hope that General Manager (GM) Al Avila can get to work with his front office and bring in talents that are going to be helpful for the future of this organization. Yes, this is always the goal, but in a shortened draft, signability and predictability are going to be huge.

If the goal for the draft is not to walk away with six players who will have an impact on this organization, something is wrong. Day two of the 2020 MLB Draft is going to be quite crucial as the Tigers will try to bring in players that can possibly become future top prospects.

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Detroit Tigers day two selections

Now the Tigers only have the first overall pick on day one of the draft, but day two brings the remaining picks which span across the remaining rounds. The Tigers 2020 rounds two through five are as follows:

  • Round 2, selection 38 overall
  • Competitive Balance Round B, selection 62 overall
  • Round 3, selection 73 overall
  • Round 4, selection 102 overall
  • Round 5, selection 132 overall

The Tigers will use the second day of the draft just to fill out their draft class and keep building the farm system. Hopefully, addressing the current issue the Tigers minor league system has, leaving the farm system lopsided towards the pitchers.

A few names to look from the Detroit Tigers on day two

While this recent mock draft provides an in-depth look into players to watch out for, here are a few names to watch out for as day two of the draft progresses. Early on in round two, the Tigers could take a pitcher like Bryce Jarvis and be well off, but shortstop Casey Martin is the player to hope for.

Jarvis is a crafty pitcher out of Duke University who is worth the flier early in round two if the Tigers decide to add to the multitude of arms in the system. However, the University of Arkansas shortstop, Martin, would be worth a look as a future middle infield get for the Tigers.

Later on, in the fourth round, where the Tigers are looking to bring in an impact player, they should target Casey Opitz, a catcher from the University of Arkansas who is worth the look if he is still available. Either way, the Tigers will have plenty to choose from early on in the draft.

The Detroit Tigers undrafted free agent signing period

Perhaps the most interesting thing that will be coming from the Tigers 2020 MLB Draft is going to be what happens after the draft. With the changes that have been installed by the league, the draft has a unique component with a free agency period that will take place after the initial draft.

With the latest changes across Major League Baseball’s draft, the Tigers will be able to expand their draft class further by signing players to $20,000 contracts. Eligible players who go undrafted will be able to be brought in at a $20,000 maximum.

The $20,000 may be low, but it may be enough to get some players who are looking just to start their professional careers. This is where players who were on the cusp of being selected in the sixth round might choose to jump-start their professional careers.

Where and when to watch the Detroit Tigers make their selection

The second day of the draft with the remaining five rounds will take place on June 11th, beginning at 5 p.m. ET, again available on two networks. The draft will be available for viewing on the MLB Network and ESPN2 broadcasts.

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The Detroit Tigers will need a strong day on day two to make sure that this 2020 draft is a success given all the of the stipulations and changes that were made from it.