Detroit Tigers 2020 MLB Draft: Still work to be to make it a successful draft

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The Detroit Tigers 2020 MLB Draft needs to be a successful one.

As the 2020 MLB Draft comes and does, the Detroit Tigers need to make sure that they can have a successful draft. With the first overall pick in the organization’s hands, taking a talent like Spencer Torkelson on day one boosts the success rate, the issue is the draft is not all.

The 2020 MLB Draft is a two-day event that has a third component to it this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The usually forty round draft that has been shortened is going to rely on an undrafted free agent bank that will fill out the “draft class” with undrafted free agents.

These players may have gone undrafted through five rounds, but they would have been taken in a forty-round round draft. This is where the Tigers are going to continue to have success in this draft. Will, any of these undrafted kids, be the next Ty Cobb, certainly not, but finding a 20 home run and 80 RBI third baseman does not sound too farfetched.

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This is a unique situation for the Tigers, who will walk away with six new players from the two-day draft when it is all said and done.

However, the undrafted free agency period allows them to capitalize on an opportunity that may not be given in other seasons.

With no limit whatsoever on the amount of $20,000 signings of undrafted free agents, the Tigers can try to negotiate with those players who may have been drafted in, say, the sixth to 15th round range.

If the player cannot return to college and simply wants to begin a pro career, this is a perfect opportunity for a team like the Tigers to scoop him up.

NCAA players have earned an extra year of eligibility, but new commits coming in have made rosters become in limbo, some players just choose to get their career started. There are pros and cons of signing or not, but signing in a time where COVID-19 means expanded rosters, things change.

The Detroit Tigers may draft to fill holes in the rebuild.

Frankly, the Tigers can use these undrafted free agents to fill holes in their farm system. For example, if internally scouts do not feel that the current situation of prospects at shortstop is adequate, they can try to negotiate with an “investment” shortstop who could pan out.

On the flip side of that, if said shortstop does not work out, the initial contract was only for $20,00, which is much lower than the typical slot value of say, a sixth-, seventh-, or eighth-round pick. The Tigers may also opt to take some fliers on college arms that might be valuable to the bullpen.

Fans know how bad the Tigers bullpen is, but with expanded rosters, shortened seasons, and a low-$20,00 price tag, it should be considered. If the Tigers feel that “Player X” is capable of making a big jump to the big leagues as a reliever for the time being, why not?

With a plethora of young arms (Matt Manning, Tarik Skubal, etc.) waiting for their own chances in the big leagues, it may not be the best move, but adding a few key acquisitions in the undrafted free agent signing period will only help lock down a successful draft.

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A successful draft will hopefully translate to a healthier farm system, which ultimately helps create a more efficient rebuild for the Detroit Tigers.