Detroit Lions need to steer clear of signing Cam Newton

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The Detroit Lions need to steer clear of signing free-agent quarterback Cam Newton.

Yesterday I mentioned that the Detroit Lions would likely consider carrying three quarterbacks for the duration of the 2020 NFL season. Still, they shouldn’t consider signing the former league MVP Cam Newton.

Carrying three quarterbacks on an active roster used to be fairly common, but it’s a trend that’s been squashed as the years pass by.  Organizations have wisely decided that 53-roster spots are essential in today’s’ game.  There are more gadget-type players on offense than ever, along with plenty of rotational defenders.

NFL teams use nearly every player on their active roster during game days, at least more frequently now than ever.  To have two ‘wasted’ spots on backup quarterbacks is just foolish, especially when the third-string quarterback can usually be safely placed on the practice squad and recalled for the following week if an injury were to occur.

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The year 2020 is very unusual, though, and this is one of the few seasons we will see a plethora of teams use three roster spots on quarterbacks.  With the uncertainty of what may happen this fall surrounding a potential ‘second-wave’ of COVID-19, organizations won’t risk not having a plan-B or plan-C for the most critical position on the football field.

Last season, the Detroit Lions revolving door of backup quarterbacks had been less than ideal.  General Manager (GM) Bob Quinn rushed out nearly the second the gate opened on free agency with a bag of money to long-time journeyman back up Chase Daniels door to offer him $13-million over three years to be Matthew Stafford‘s insurance policy.

Insurance is something we all hate to pay for, but it sure comes in handy when we need it.  Cheaping out on insurance can be all the difference from rebuilding a house or being forced to bite-the-bullet and downsize because you cheaped out on your policy.

In this case, the Detroit Lions are overpaying for a standard policy at best, but Cam Newton isn’t the answer either.

I’d prefer to take a flier on Colin Kaepernick over Cam Newton.  I’m not saying Kaepernick is a better quarterback, but when it comes to receiving your biggest ‘bang for your buck’ I believe Kaepernick is the answer.  Kaepernick will be willing to accept less money and has mentioned in the past he’s fine working as a backup.  Don’t get mixed up here; when he left the 49ers, he was seeking a starting job, over time he’s downshifted his plans and is open to accepting a backup role.

Newton is coming off of various injuries (foot/shoulder).  He’s used his body as a battering ram throughout his career, and that’s not something that will hold up at the NFL level.  Newton also has proved time and time again to care more about his brand than being a great teammate.

Newton brings a lot of attention upon himself with his flash, and that’s not something we need sitting behind Stafford.  I do feel it will be beneficial to bring in someone to push Stafford’s compete-level and hope to get the best out of Matt, but Newton doesn’t appear to be the best case backup.

Cam surely wants to start somewhere, and there are plenty of teams that should be interested, but why aren’t they?  That is also a bit worrisome.  Why are the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Chicago Bears, L.A. Chargers, or even Miami Dolphins rushing to give the former MVP a one-year deal?

If Newton is unable to become a starter in 2020, he needs to take a similar route as Jameis Winston.  He needs to go to a place where he can backup one year and potentially take over next.  The Pittsburgh Steelers seem like a perfect fit for that type of scenario.

During his nine-year career, Newton has tossed for 29,041 yards, 182 touchdowns, and 108 interceptions.  The former MVP has also amassed 4806 rushing yards and totaled 58 rushing touchdowns, 14 of which came in his rookie season.

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A great player, but the ego, injury concerns, and his willingness to be a backup behind a player like Stafford with no road to being a starter in the future with the franchise make Newton and the Lions an impossible fit.