Detroit Lions are not even in the Jamal Adams sweepstakes

(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Lions are not even on the radar of star safety Jamal Adams.

Recently, the starting safety of the New York Jets, Jamal Adams has requested a trade after the two sides haven’t been able to come to terms on a contract extension.  Adams listed seven teams he’d accept a trade to, per Adam Schefter of ESPN.  As expected, the Detroit Lions failed to make the list.

The worst part of this whole thing isn’t that the Lions under head coach Matt Patricia has yet to become a destination, it’s the fact that, I’m not entirely sold that this current regime running the Detroit Lions would even consider adding Adams if he wanted to join the Lions.

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You are likely shaking your head, wondering how any coaching staff wouldn’t be thrilled to add a player as talented as Adams, but don’t forget; we’re talking about the Detroit Lions here.

Adams has proven to be an outspoken athlete; does that play into what the Detroit Lions are looking for?

I don’t think so.

General Manager (GM) Bob Quinn pulled the trigger on a deal that sent team captain Quandre Diggs to the Seattle Seahawks for a Jugs machine.  After the move sent a ripple of ill-feelings throughout the locker room, particularly with the defensive players, the two outspoken members of the team, Damon Harrison and Darius Slay, they are both no longer with the club.

You can justify releasing Harrison.  His play drastically declined last season, but Slay is still one of the better corners in football.  His unimpressive numbers from a year ago should also take into consideration the abysmal pass-rush generated by the Detroit Lions defense.  Even a top-tier talent can’t cover an NFL receiver for five-seconds per play, and that’s what the Lions secondary had been forced to do last season.

Do you think the Detroit Lions are hurrying out to trade for another disgruntled, outspoken player? No.  Should they be? Yes.  I don’t want drama in a locker room but I’d like players especially on the defensive side of the football playing with their hair on fire.  Pay the man, and let him be the ball-hawking safety he can be.  This is an organization that should be focused on acquiring top-end talent, especially a playmaker in the secondary.

The unfortunate part of the “Patriot way” is both Quinn and Patricia are looking for players to punch the clock, do as they are told, and then go home.  They don’t want players to have any input or provide them with any ideas.  It’s ‘here is your role, do it and leave.’  That’s all fine and dandy when you are winning championships or even contending for a playoff position year after year, but it doesn’t go over well with professional players when the coach can’t even get out of his own way.

Adams currently has two years remaining on his rookie contract and hopes to land a new extension that will average upwards of $20-million per season.  First off, $20-million per season is much to rich for a safety, but perhaps the two sides could agree on $16-million per season, still making Adams the highest-paid at his position.  Don’t forget, Adams’ cap hit in 2020 is just $7.1-million and $9.8-million in 2021, so you’d be getting two productive years from the 24-year old before the big money even kicked in.

Adams would be a perfect fit in Patricia’s system playing as a versatile safety.  One thing Adams is great at is providing a pass-rush coming off of the edge, but that part of his game is something Patricia would unwisely limit him from doing as we know he hates to send a blitz. The rest of his abilities could be utilized with a bunch of success.  Adams can work down around the line of scrimmage in sub-packages playing like a linebacker covering tight ends and running backs, both areas the Detroit Lions struggle.

The talented safety can also line up as a slot corner and play man-to-man covering the leagues’ shifty slot receivers.

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It’s a shame the Detroit Lions continue to be this conservative franchise.  If the organization had any type of aggressive vein left, they’d be out trying to lure Adams to Detroit, and the organization has the money to get it done, but then again, don’t forget the organization we’re talking about.