Red Wings: 2020 NHL Draft Lottery means the wait is finally over

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The 2020 NHL Draft Lottery is a day away, and the Detroit Red Wings will learn their fate.

On 2020 NHL Draft Lottery eve, the Detroit Red Wings have to be doing all of their lucky rituals with hopes to give them any boost possible in Friday’s drawing. Since the league paused, it was known that the Red Wings had secured the best odds in the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery.

The Red Wings are supposed to have the highest odds across the league for the first overall selection. Over the past few weeks/month, it has become apparent that the Ottawa Senators actually have the best overall odds to win the sweepstakes.

The still undisputed top prospect Alexis Lafrenière remains the top talent who will come off the board first overall when the 2020 NHL Entry Draft takes place. The Senators are going to end up with two top selections, and one of them could be Lafreniére.

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On the other hand, the Red Wings are sitting with an eighteen percent chance at the first overall selection, knowing that the lowest they can fall is fourth overall.

No matter what happens, the organization is going to walk away with one of the best talents in a heavy draft class.

The eve of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery means that all fans need to put on their lucky gear, do their lucky dance, or do whatever it is to bring any sort of luck to the Red Wings lottery hopes.

Last year the Red Wings were not so fortunate (sort of) falling to sixth but still lucking out with Moritz Seider.

The details of tomorrow’s lottery drawing are all part of Phase I of the leagues’ latest plans to get the draft process underway.

On Friday, June 26th, using placeholders for teams who have not had their season’s ended yet, the first three picks will be decided. If one of those placeholders is drawn then Phase II of the Lottery will take place, but the Red Wings can not fall below fourth overall even with the worst luck.

The event will take place at 8 P.M. EST and be televised on the NHL Network and NBC Sports Network here in the United States. For Canadian viewers, it will be available on Sportsnet and TVA Sports if Red Wings fans are looking to see what happens with the organization’s luck.

Red Wings General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman will be able to learn if he is going go luck out and bring home Lafrenière. If they end up with any selection besides first overall, the selection is still going to be a phenomenal one.

The Red Wings will have their choice between Quinton Byfield, Lucas Raymond, Marco Rossi, and Tim Stützle or any other one of the top prospects. No matter how it shakes out, the Red Wings are going to take home a phenomenal talent for the future of this rebuild and organization as a whole.

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So, on the eve of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery, Detroit Red Wings fans need to bust out all the stops to make sure they have the most luck possible.