Red Wings cheated out of first overall pick in 2020 NHL Draft Lottery

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The Detroit Red Wings got horrifically cheated in the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery.

Last night, the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery took place, and frankly, it should leave every single Detroit Red Wings fan furious. For the record, Senators fans should be just as angry that with their combined odds, they did not end up with the first overall selection.

By now, it has become known that the Red Wings have fallen to the fourth overall selection in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft after they had the best (sort of) odds to get the first overall pick. Now, technically the Ottawa Senators had the best odds given they own the rights to the San Jose Sharks first-round choice.

Either way, the fact that neither the Red Wings nor Senators ended up with the first overall pick is disturbing in itself. However, looking back on the Red Wings’ past when it comes to the NHL Draft Lottery, something just does not sit right.

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In each of the last four NHL Draft Lottery drawings, the organization has fallen beyond where they technically should have been picking.

This is sickening, to say the very least. The fact that a placeholder team earned the right to take Alexis Lafrenière first overall is beyond suspicious.

“Team E,” which is one of the qualifier teams, came into the drawing with a 2.5% chance to end up picking first overall.

This team is unknown yet, but it means that one lucky team from the qualifier group is going to get the right to draft Lafrenière with the first overall selection,

Frankly, this just has all the makings of a rigged scenario from the league with an attempt to get more press on the matter and keep a buzz around the hockey world.

Before I continue, a conspiracy theory that the Draft Lottery was rigged seems a bit crazy. Possibly the product of a Red Wings fan being irritated with the lack of luck in the previous lottery drawings, or fed up watching the rebuild.

I am not one to start a conspiracy theory like this, but looking at the facts surrounding it, it is entirely believable. Now, in all reality, the Red Wings will still walk away with a GOOD talent at fourth overall, but not the ELITE talent they would have had in Lafrenière. Thanks Gary Bettman.

The Detroit Red Wings are not the only ones suffering from this suspicious 2020 NHL Draft Lottery results.

As mentioned above, the Senators who have two of the top five selections did not even get the first overall pick. Frankly, the placeholder team thing seems like something designed by the league to help them in a time where interest in the sport may not be as high.

With the COVID-19 outbreak leading the league to have to design new return-to-play plans, things have been quite crazy. This seems like another attempt by the league to stir up coverage and offer newsworthy stories around the sport.

Since the return-to-play is going to be a slow process, this allows for media outlets like the NHL Network to talk about which team could possibly end up with Lafrenière out of the qualifier group. Wouldn’t it just be crazy if coincidentally, the Montreal Canadiens end up with the rights to draft Lafrenière with the first pick?

It seems plausible, the NHL Draft Lottery being rigged as a way to allow for more coverage in time without much to talk about. It provides interesting storylines, and it would just be so fitting if the Canadiens get the French-Canadian stud from Rimouski of the QMJHL.

Again, it could just be the overthinking of an angered Red Wings fan, but it is so easy to piece a theory like this together. Especially when its practically laid out clearly in front of everyone’s eyes. Sadly the Red Wings are on the negative end of this, getting the shortest end of the stick by far.

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The Detroit Red Wings 2020 NHL Draft Lottery was frustrating to watch, but after giving it, some thought it just becomes more frustrating to look at how this could be a rigged scenario.