Lions: Matthew Stafford is a bargain compared to Patrick Mahomes deal

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The Detroit Lions got quite the bargain with Matthew Stafford on his last contract compared to the Kansas City Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes.

The Detroit Lions should witness what just happened with the Kansas City Chiefs and be happy with how things have shaken out with Matthew Stafford‘s contract. As many people know, the Chiefs just paid their quarterback an absurd amount of money.

For those who missed the massive pay-day, the Chiefs just locked up Patrick Mahomes through the 2031 season after they have a ten-year contract in place worth $503 million in total. Let that sink in real quick, $503 MILLION for TEN years with the Chiefs.

To break this down further, when signing, Mahomes will make $63 million, and his injury clause would trigger a $141 million guaranteed amount. His contract is heavily backloaded, with the first couple of years being around $5 million or less, finishing at $38 million in 2031.

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His yearly league bonuses just increase his guaranteed money more and more as the years go by. By 2031, without injury, Mahomes will have taken home $477,631,905 in guaranteed money after his bonus gets paid out on the third day of the league year.

This preposterous contract is massive, while the Lions organization locked up Stafford for a five-year, $135 million deal back in 2017.

Stafford’s deal was crazy, considering he became the highest-paid player in NFL history. Now, that deal would seem like pennies on the dollar.

Stafford’s five-year deal carries an average annual value (AAV) of $27 million compared to Mahomes and his $45 million AAV, which is still on a team-friendly deal. Stafford will take home $7.8 million during the 2020 season, barring any COVID-19 changes.

With Patrick Mahomes’ ludicrous deal, what does it mean for the Detroit Lions next contract with Matthew Stafford?

Since Mahomes just had quite the pay-day, it seems that Stafford is warranted of a pay-day as well when his contract expires. Providing Stafford is injury-free, and at the same level he appears to be at lately, he could wind up with a $35 million AAV type contract.

It seems that when it is Stafford’s turn to get paid again, this only sets the bar for him to see a raise. Now Stafford is not Mahomes, but even then, he will be due for an increase. Looking at the total value of the contract as well as the AAV numbers, there is just no way Stafford does not get a boost.

While Mahomes basks in the glory of his first Super Bowl victory and his $503 million contracts, Lions fans can use this as a prep for the idea that Stafford is going to get a raise. The Lions will be shelling out money to keep Stafford around, providing he is not injured and out of the game.

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The Detroit Lions can see this situation and make sure they realize when the time comes, Matthew Stafford is going to be worth around $35 million per year on whatever contract given.